Very serious news: Here's what the baby from The Hangover looks like now.

I spent one night this week doing something incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile with my boyfriend.

We watched Q&A.

Okay, no, that’s a total lie. The Hangover. We watched The Hangover.

I don’t know why we did this. When I pick the movies, we end up watching some dried up ’90s rom-com. When he does the picking? It’s all Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, and The Hangover trilogy. (Yes, there are three Hangover films. I am deeply sorry to tell you that.)

And while we giggled at the 2009 movie we have both watched too many times to count, one very important, life-altering, journalism-prize-winning question popped into my mind.

Where the eff is The Hangover baby today?

Like… what is Carlos/Tyler doing right now?

WELL friends, today is your lucky day. I did some deep-diving and found out all the facts you didn’t think you wanted to know but you most definitely do.

Firstly, we need to establish the baby was never called Carlos or Tyler. His real name is Grant. Grant Holmquist, to be precise. And he wasn’t the only baby who starred in The Hangover.

Actually, the role was mostly split between Grant and his twin sister, Avery. Yep, TWO adorably chubby babies.

The more you know, right?

Yes, this cute little marshmellow was, in fact, two babies.

Anyway, Grant and Avery aren't exactly wearing Zach Galifianakis' oversized sunnies anymore. Instead? They're like any typical 10 year olds.


Photos of the pair posted by their mother Carrie (who gave Mamamia permission to share them) show the world that The Hangover babies really are fully grown humans.

And today? They're just normal kids.

Grant and Avery now look like this. (Sorry but we're about to make you feel really bloody old...)


Go forth and enjoy your weekend, reader friends, with not only the knowledge that we're all totally old, but that The Hangover baby wasn't one, but two people.