What's the deal with double chin injections? We asked an expert.

Double chin injections. Heard of 'em? 

We first caught a whiff of the treatment when Khloe Kardashian had a yarn on Instagram about how good it worked for sculpting her jawline.

While it totally sounds like just another random celebrity-endorsed treatment, it's actually one that's gaining massive popularity of late. 

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Because here's the thing: double chins exist. 

And up until now, there haven't exactly been a lot of options for people who are concerned about excess fat below their chin. Before this treatment came about, there were only two main options: chin exercises to strengthen the muscles underneath your chin, or liposuction surgery to remove the excess fat from below the chin. And TBH, neither sound ideal.

Enter: chin injections - a non-surgical solution with minimal downtime and permanent results.  

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Wanna find out more? We spoke to Dr Steven Crimston, an aesthetic physician at All Saints Clinic, and asked him everything we need to know about the non-surgical chin lift.

What are double chin injections?

Also referred to as a non-surgical chin lift or fat-dissolving injections, double chin injections basically work by blasting your neck fat away - for good.

If you want the medical description, Dr Crimston said 'double chin injections' refer to what is medically termed 'submental lipolysis'.

"This popular procedure is essentially injectable fat-dissolving for that stubborn under-chin fat."


So, what actually causes the fat to melt? What's in the injection? Acid?

Well, yeah - kinda. The fat dissolving injections are actually made up of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid - a naturally occurring molecule that breaks down fat cells. Your body then absorbs and excretes these fat cells.

Once injected, these fat cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, meaning these fat removal results are permanent. This improves the appearance of a double chin, creating a more defined jawline. 

However, it's important to keep in mind that injections are not a treatment for sagging, ageing skin. While they can break down fat, they've not been proven to tighten skin.

What's involved in the procedure? Does it hurt?

Before beginning the treatment, your injector will talk you through the procedure and what's expected. They'll then put some numbing cream on you (around 30 minutes beforehand) and map out all the glorious little needlepoints by placing a handy grid under your chin. 


You'll then receive a series of injections around your chin and neck region. Want specifics? Well, the number of injections required usually depends on your individual concerns (it's a pretty specialised treatment) - but between 20 and 40 injections is pretty standard.


While everyone's pain threshold is obviously different, the treatment is meant to feel slightly uncomfortable (almost like a burning sensation.)

"The procedure itself is very quick to perform and causes only very mild discomfort," said Dr Crimston. "Patients generally report a slight heat sensation which resolves within the first few minutes post procedure."

To help ease the pain and reduce the chance of swelling and bruising, your injector will probably give you an ice pack to use throughout the session.

Do chin injectables involve side effects?

This isn't a lunchtime procedure. So, don't think you're going to nip out at 12pm and come back at 1pm like nothing ever happened, you sneaky sausage.

"Side effects generally include swelling and a little numbness in the treated area," said Dr Crimston. "The swelling can last a few days, however is more often noticed by the patient than anyone else."


Oh hey, turtlenecks.

"It is important that you discuss all the side effects and potential complications with your doctor prior to undergoing the treatment," adds Crimston.

Who is a suitable candidate for chin injections?

So, what's the go? Can anyone have chin injectables? 

Well, no. You'll need a consultation first to find out. "Your doctor will determine your suitability for treatment following a physical examination," said Dr Crimston.

However, in general, he said if you have a pocket of submental fat under your chin and you have reasonable skin quality (there shouldn't be too much sagging in the area) you may be suitable for this treatment.

How long does it take to see results?

According to Crimston, results are usually visible within four weeks - so be patient! It's not exactly a quick fix. 

Follow-up treatments are usually spaced between four and six weeks apart, with at least two treatments necessary for the best results. "It is often recommended that patients have multiple treatments to reach their desired outcome."

"The number of treatments required depends on the amount of fat within the treatment area and your doctor will be able to provide you with an estimate of how many treatments are needed."

How much do double chin injections cost?

While it certainly isn't cheap (on average you'll be looking at anywhere between $2000 to $5000 per treatment), once the fat is dissolved it's pretty much permanent.

For more information on injection lipolysis and other beauty treatments, head to Going Beyond Beauty.

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