What a sexist rap video looks like when women objectify men.

This is the album cover for a US band called “Millionaires” – a few young girls who have decided to channel the worst of the male rappers and flip music video stereotypes on their heads. After the jump, the video clip that is quite bizarre to watch….

The music is awful so you may want to watch this on mute…’s the visuals that are most interesting….

According to Jezebel….

Millionaires, which consists of sisters Melissa and Allison Green and their friend Dani Artaud, formed in 2007 when the three women started playing with Garageband on their computer. It seems their first songs were created as a joke, but they were listened to more than 32 million times on MySpace, according to Under The Gun Review, and eventually got a record deal. 

The group was promoted by MTV, appearing on TRL last year and recording the theme for A Double Shot at Love. They are currently performing on Warped Tour, but have acquired as many critics as fans. Reviewers on iTunes say their music is like “verbal diarrhea” and “the voices make my ears bleed” and even blame them for everything wrong with their generation, with one review declaring that they’re the reason there’s more “violence/sex/crime associate with young people.”

In addition to hating Millionaires because they have no musical talent (which they openly admit), many reviewers comment that they’re unladylike and are shaming their parents. Almost all of Millionaires’ songs are about binge drinking, sex, and violence.

When I first saw this clip, I thought it was a parody but it’s not quite that clever. Unfortunately, Millionaire have decided the best way to make a point about revolting sexist rap videos, is to be just like the boys. Still, it’s interesting to see what reverse sexism looks like.

Music videos are banned in my house because I think the messages they send are appalling. And objectifying men (hello male pole dancer with cash stuffed down his g-string!) is not the solution. Is it? Which artists get it right when it comes to music videos and who do you find offensive?