What a day......

There have been many times during the past decade when I have not felt proud to be Australian. When I saw pictures of immigrant children behind razor wire in detention centres, Tampa, Pauline Hanson…….

But today was a great, great day. I’ve felt quite teary watching the coverage. Kevin Rudd spoke with such passion and eloquence. He didn’t hide behind rhetoric. He just came out and said it. Three times.
Sorry Day has sparked some wonderful, important conversations at our place with my son as we talked about the Stolen Generation and how saying sorry is important, even if, at the time, perhaps you thought you were doing the right thing. It’s just a word but what a significant one.

So many times today, while watching the coverage, I have been surprised at how emotional I’ve felt, how many times I’ve cried today to think, REALLY think, of the children, of the mothers……..and the injustice of so many decades having passed without their pain and suffering and mistreatment being acknowledged.

It’s shameful and sad that John Howard was so stubborn that he refused to say this one word. It didn’t cost anything, all it did today was make everyone stop and think about the past and validate the mistakes that were made by others all those years ago. A proud day and a sad one. Even sadder that it took so long to come.

What did you think?

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