Deng was only 6 when he was taken from his mum. But where he has ended up shows exactly why we need to welcome asylum seekers.

The story of Deng Thiak Adut that everyone in our country needs to know.

Deng Adut’s story begins the day he was taken away from his mother and forced to fight for the Sudanese rebels.

He was just six years old at the time. When he was 12 years old, he was shot in the back, rescued by UN workers and brought to Australia.

Adut’s story is part of a series of ads for Western Sydney University (formerly the University of Western Sydney).The “Unlimited” campaign highlights the incredible stories of some of the university’s graduates.

Other ads tell the stories of Meissa Chiu who moved to Sydney from Darwin after Cyclone Tracy hit in 1974.

Chiu went onto graduate the Western Sydney University and become the Director of the Smithsonian Institution Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.


Also shown is Jay Manley, who used to modify his computer when he was young in order to play games with his friends.

Since then, he graduated from the University and moved to Silicon Valley to work for Tesla motors.

Each story is important in its own right, but at this time in particular, Adut’s is one that needs to be heard, shared, and really listened to.

Deng Adut is the co-founder of leading Sydney criminal law firm AC Law Group.

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