This mother nearly starved her tiny baby to death on a raw food diet.

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1. Mother to plead guilty after putting baby on “raw food diet”

A mother who almost starved her baby to death by adopting a restrictive diet while breastfeeding will plead guilty to failing to provide for her child, Yahoo! News reports.

The mother allegedly went on a raw food diet recommended to her by a naturopath to help cure the baby’s eczema.

Court documents allege that the naturopath put the child’s mother on a water-only diet to “help the baby recover from a fever”, according to the Daily Telegraph.

After the 8-month-old boy became emaciated, he was admitted to hospital with a severe fever and a staph infection in May 2015.

The young mother then faced charges including recklessly causing grievous bodily harm; that charge was dropped when the mother appeared in court yesterday.

But Yahoo! News reports the young mum, who cannot be named, is expected to plead guilty to failing to provide for her child.

Naturopath Marilyn Bodner, the mother’s co-accused, has previously pleaded not guilty to recklessly causing grievous bodily in relation to the matter.

The boy has been taken from his mother’s care.

2. Teens walk free after Sydney park gang rape

Two teenagers involved in the February 2014 gang rape of a 14-year-old girl have avoided jail time.

The men pleaded guilty to charges of sexual intercourse with a child in company after attacking the girl in a western Sydney park, Yahoo! News reports.

Judge Martin Sides of Parramatta District Court on Friday gave one boy a suspended control order; this means the teen will never serve any time over the attack if he remains on good behaviour for the term of the order, Yahoo! News reports.

The judge sentenced the other offender to a lengthy control order, but backdated it so that the teenager could be immediately released on parole.

The judge said the offenders struggled with intellectual disabilities. He added that he believed one of the defendants would not have raped the girl had he known she was 14.

"The court is satisfied that had she revealed her age, he would not have had intercourse with her," Judge Sides said. "This should not be seen as the court blaming the victim but merely reflecting the situation from the young offender's perspective."

The boys are two of four youths who were charged in the weeks following the attacks. Neither men can be named because they were under 18 at the time of the offending.

3. Former Blue Mountains teacher to face further charges

Blue Mountains teacher Neville Betteridge is expected to be charged with a further 125 child sex offences, after already facing court on two charges involving two boys in the 1960s.


Betteridge was arrested on Tuesday in Queensland - where he now lives, Mooloolaba - and extradited to NSW. On Friday he faced Sydney's Central Local Court, where police prosecutor Matthew Carlin alleged that Betteridge carried out the sexual offences on students under his care when he was a teacher and dorm master between 1967 and 1970.

According to ABC News, 125 extra charges are now anticipated; 90 are allegations of buggery involving 12-year-old victims,  ABC News reports.

Betteridge's extradition was a joint operation involving police from the Blue Mountains Local Area Command and the Maroochydore Child Abuse Unit, Australian Regional Media reports.

The case will return to a Penrith court next Friday.

4. Young Nauru refugee critical after caesarean

A 22-year-old refugee and her baby have been medically evacuated from Nauru after she underwent a caesarean section a month prematurely.

The immigration department confirmed the Somali woman and her newborn baby had been transferred to Australia, where they were receiving “appropriate medical treatment." The department declined to comment further, ABC News reports.

The baby was unable to breathe without aid when the pair were flown off the island, according to Guardian Australia.

5. Western Sydney stabbing

A  14-year-old girl has been stabbed in Western Sydney, Guardian Australia reports.

The girl and her boyfriend were walking home after some-late night shopping on Thursday when a large man approached them in Blacktown at about 8:30pm and demanded she hand over her backpack.

The girl tried to hold on to her belongings and was stabbed in the back, Guardian australia reports.

“The description of the male, he is Maori/Pacific Islander. He was a large build with a black, bushy beard, wearing dark clothing," Detective Inspector Paul Tickner told reporters on friday.

The victim received stitches at Sydney's Westmead children’s hospital.

6. Google proposes new emojis that represent modern women

A team at Google has come up with 13 new emojis that better represent the modern woman.

The team submitted their proposal for emoji gender equality this week to the Unicode Consortium in Silicon Valley, ABC News reports.

The emojis show woman in roles such as doctors, tech workers, farmers and mechanics.

7. The man whose penis had to be cut free from a spanner

A man has had his penis cut free from a household tool by firefighters.

The Tweed Heads man presented in hospital on Monday with his penis stuck in a ring spanner, where it had become swollen. Firefighters were called, and used an ankle grinder to remove the tool from the embarrassed man's nether regions.

According to NT News, Tweed firefighters say it not uncommon for them to be called to these kind of jobs.

“It’s really dangerous because inevitably people leave it too long to come see us because they are embarrassed, or say my wife said to put butter on it, sleep on it and it will go down,” said senior firefighter Peter Sutherland. “It never does.”

8. Video explains the "right way" to beat your wife

A video has surfaced in which a Saudi Arabian family therapist demonstrates the "correct way" for a man to beat his wife.


In the video, therapist Khaled Al-Saqaby  suggests the aim of beating a wife "is to discipline, not to vent one's anger".

"Unfortunately, some wives want to live a life of equality with their husband," Mr Al-Saqaby says in the tutorial. "This is a very grave problem."

He suggests the beating should not be performed with a rod, but instead with a tooth-cleaning twig or handkerchief.

The unbelievable footage was shot earlier this year then translated and released in February by the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute.

9. Woman told to stop breastfeeding in hospital

A young mum has been asked to stop breastfeeding publicly in a hospital on the basis the act may be seen as "sexual".

Darcie Pennington was visiting her grandmother at the Royal Liverpool Hospital in the UK when she started feeding her four-month-old son Vincent.

The 18-year-old new mum was allegedly approached by a female nurse, who told her to move to a private room.

"The nurse then came over and slammed the curtains shut, telling me that I couldn't feed him as there were males I would make feel uncomfortable," Darcie wrote in a Facebook post.

"I asked her why I was being targeted and why she wasn't promoting breastfeeding as a nurse I thought was strange, she told me she was protecting my dignity...

"I then asked her if I was feeding him a bottle would I receive the same treatment - she went on to say, 'bottle feeding isn't sexual.'

Deputy chief nurse Colin Hont apologised on the hospital's behalf.

"We are aware of a complaint made by Ms Pennington in relation to visiting her relative who was recovering on a ward that is primarily used for recovery from breast and eye surgery," Mr Hont said.

"We have apologised for the distress that has been caused and we are currently looking into the matter and would be happy to discuss this further with Ms Pennington.

"We fully support breastfeeding and visitors to our hospitals are welcome to breast- feed where they choose to and feel most comfortable," he added.

"We also offer private spaces for mothers who wish for privacy when breastfeeding."

11. Australian shot dead in Baghdad

An Australian security contractor has been shot dead at the Australian Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

The office of Julie Bishop, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, released a statement confirming the victim was an Australian employee of the Unity Resources Group working at the embassy.

The victim was 34 years old. His name has not yet been released.

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