Yes, you can be fashionable and office-appropriate. Here's how.


“Dress for the job you want, not the one you’ve got,” goes the old adage and new research has found the key for success in the workplace is to dress like your boss. For me, that would mean adopting a whole lot more sequins and pointy shoes, even our Publisher, Mia Freedman, describes her style as “Like A Rainbow Threw Up On Me.”

The study revealed 65% of managers had a “heightened awareness of staff with a similar style to them,” which is all good if you work in a fashion forward office but what if your boss is named Bob and his idea of style is a bad polyester suit bought circa 1992?

No matter how corporate your office is, your work wardrobe needn’t be boring – especially since we’re in it for 40+ hours a week. Read on for four not-boring office outfits.

1. Spot shirt, $68 Oasis. 

2. Navy skirt, $36.24 Asos.

3. Tailored Longline Blazer, $120 Topshop

4. Ltd Edition Runway Ready Nail Polish, $22 each, Mecca Cosmetica

5. Navy Sports Cuff heels, $60 Next

1. Curved Waistband Pant, $189, Cue.

2. Leather iphone case, $19.95 Seed.


3. Crepe cuff bomber, $94, Topshop.

4. Alexander Wang Aida perch pumps, $310, The Outnet.

5. Floral Cami, $45, Topshop.




1. Dolce Vita heels, $134.99 Piperlime.

2. Silk pocket shirt dress, $145, Topshop.

3. Hold all tote, $89.95, Seed

4. Margaret black sunglasses, $89.95, Cue.

1. Shift Dress With Tie Waist, $76.10, Asos

2. Black ballet flats, $59.95 Wanted.

3. Rose Gold Bracelet Watch, $469.31, Michael Kors (cheaper version from Oasis here).

4. Carmen Tote, $129.95 Witchery.

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