Australian teenager shares Nice horror story - "I looked up and I was the only person left alive."

18-year-old Australian tourist Bronte Stuntz is lucky to be alive after managing to avoid being caught in the horror of the terrorist attack in Nice.

The Sydney teenager heard a loud noise, which she assumed was a bomb, and decided to run in the opposite direction. Stuntz was then struck on her left side by a body which went flying after being hit by the truck, knocking her unconscious.

“I remember running for about three seconds and then I blacked out and woke up on the floor,” Stuntz told 9 News. “Within ten seconds, it was all over.”

“I woke up with my friend Eddy holding my head, and when I kind of looked up, I was the only person lying on the ground that was alive.”

Stuntz sustained injuries to the left side of her body and is now recovering in a hospital in Florence.

Stuntz posted a photo of herself and a friend on Facebook enjoying their holiday before the tragedy. She captioned it thanking everyone who helped look after her that night.

A beautiful photo before a horrible tragedy,” it reads. “My prayers go out to everyone who lost their lives or who is injured.”

“Thank you everyone who helped me last night, I would not be alive if it wasn’t for you.” 

Two other Australians were also injured in the Bastille Day attack.

Feature Image via Facebook. 

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