This is the dumbest argument we've ever heard for why abortion should be illegal.

Jodie Laubenberg: Has a vagina, doesn’t understand it.






Ugh. Another politician who knows nothing about vaginas trying to be in charge of vaginas.

I know what you’re thinking – old, clueless white man dictating some policy about tampons being a luxury or sex being only for baby-making.

Nope. This is worse. Much worse.

I am talking about a politician. And they are trying to control vaginas. But this time it’s a woman. And it was a lot more serious than the cost of tampons (although that is serious and anyone who considers them a luxury item should try and handle a heavy flow on a flimsy pad).


Wendy Davis: Has a vagina, does understand it.

You may remember the incredible story we brought to you a couple of weeks ago about Wendy Davis, the US Senator who stood and filibusted for what ended up being 14 hours to prevent Texas from passing backwards abortion laws.

The laws would have resulted in the closure of 37 of the state’s 42 abortion clinics. If you haven’t read about it read it here. And if you have, read it again – cos it be awesome.

Thankfully, Senator Davis succeeded in preventing the bill from passing (becoming an epic lady-hero in the process). And seriously, when you here the comments I’m about to share, you’ll understand why someone felt like they had to take a (14 hour) stand.

A few days before the bill was shot down, republican representative Jodie Laubenberg was explaining why she’s against abortion in any circumstance – even in cases of rape.


Now brace yourselves: this is infurisetting (a hybrid of infuriating/upsetting – a word I invented specifically for when I’m talking about idiots trying to control women’s vaginas).

Laubenberg doesn’t think women who are raped don’t need abortions, because…

“In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out.”

No, Jodie Laubenberg, AFRAID F*CKING NOT.

Number 1: A ‘rape kit’, otherwise known as a forensic examination, simply comprises of a series of samples being taken from a woman within 72 hours of her being raped. I’m not sure what it ‘cleans out’ except a bit more of a already traumatised woman’s privacy. Let me state the obvious here just so we’re clear:


Number 2: It’s interesting to note that Laubenberg – who is against abortion in any form and in any circumstance – doesn’t seem to mind if a foetus is ‘cleaned out’ during a rape-kit. So, she’s against abortion in a specialised setting but doesn’t have a problem with it if it happens during a routine ‘clean out’?

I’ll say again: Infurisetting.

The women of Texas are lucky that there are women like Wendy Davis who are prepared to stand up (again – for 14 HOURS PEOPLE) and speak to protect their vaginas. Especially when there are politicians like Jodie Laubenberg trying to control them.