ROADTEST: This natural beauty brand has been a favourite for decades. But does their new lotion live up to the hype?

Weleda Australia
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If I had to take one product with me to a desert island, it would be Weleda Skin Food. Hands down.

I am obsessed. And I don't say that lightly.

I first discovered the brand a few years ago, when my partner was about to go travelling. 

I wanted to get him a little surprise pack of nice things he could use on the flight, and I had heard that Skin Food was very good for flaky and irritated skin. Knowing how dry and gross you feel on a plane, I bought some for him.

It's safe to say it didn't stay his for long. 

As soon as he got home, I tried it myself and instantly fell in love. 

These two have a permanent spot in my bathroom now. 


I have always had very dry, flaky and irritated skin, and this was the first product that was all natural, hydrating and actually did something to help it feel better.

I am also next level obsessed with the smell. If I could bottle it up as a perfume I honestly would. The scent makes me think of a refreshing summer holiday spa. 

Fast forward a few years later and I was on a trip in Germany when I stumbled upon a whole range of Weleda products in the supermarket. 

I spent a good half an hour looking at them all, because at the time there wasn't the range available in Australia. I have tried the body butter, body oils, moisturisers — you name it. It's all AMAZING.

I am not the only one obsessed, one Skin Food product is now sold every 5 seconds worldwide. 

Insanity. That's how good this stuff is. 

When I heard that Weleda were bringing out a new Skin Food Body Lotion, I was almost jumping out of my skin to try it. 

Ready to roadtest!   


While I love the original formula, I was keen to try the new body version to see how it compared. 

The original formula of Skin Food is more intensive and is a thicker texture so it can be used on your face and body, while the new Skin Food Body Lotion is just for the body and is a thinner, more quickly absorbent texture. 

In terms of ingredients, both feature a blend of calendula, chamomile, pansy, rosemary and nourishing plant oils. The new Skin Food Body Lotion is also vegan, while the original features beeswax and lanolin.

With all this info under my belt, I thought I'd take the product on a two-week roadtest. Here's my verdict.


The first thing I noticed about the Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion was the lighter texture when compared to the original Skin Food. It isn't as thick, so makes it much easier to rub in and spread across your body. 

I squeezed the two products side by side so I could see the difference. 

On the left: Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion, on the right: Weleda Skin Food original. Image: Supplied.


I really liked the new texture of the body lotion — it's light, wasn't sticky and absorbed well and quickly into the skin. One of my non-negotiables for body moisturisers. 

I normally struggle with very dry, flaky skin all over my body — particularly on my legs and arms. At this time of year it can get particularly bad, and I often feel a little gross and 'scaly', like a snake ready to shed its skin. 

Lately my legs have felt really cracked, scratched and a little worse for wear.

Before: Hello dry, cracked and flaky legs. Image: Supplied.


Not cute. 

Once I'd used the Skin Food Body Lotion for two weeks, I could notice a real difference in my skin's texture. It made me feel moisturised and my normally dry skin felt smooth and nourished. 

I can be a little lazy with body moisturising usually, but I found using this lotion got me into a really nice relaxing routine. 

Every night before bed I would have a shower and then rub the cream over my whole body. It was quick and easy to do, but felt quite indulgent and luxurious. It feels like comfort food for the skin.

The other thing I loved was that signature smell. It's the same as the original Skin Food and it made my whole body smell delightful. 

If you want to branch out a little, Weleda are also releasing 5 other all-natural body lotions in new packaging and with improved formulas. Each of the body lotions are formulated to naturally support the inner strength of the skin and ensure ongoing balance in the body. 

After: Hello glowy legs! Image: Supplied.


The Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion is also 100 per cent certified natural and made with plant extracts and rich oils. The packaging is made from 97 per cent recycled plastic too. This made me feel good about using it for both my skin and the environment. 

After seeing such positive results after only two weeks, this lotion is definitely going to stay on high rotation in my bathroom. Using a body moisturiser regularly is great for your skin — it makes it hydrated, relieves dryness and can minimise some skin conditions developing from dry, cracked skin.

I am a complete convert. 

Can't wait to try the new formula for yourself? Check it out here

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

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Weleda Australia
With Weleda body lotions, there’s no need to choose between effective and natural skincare. Each of the six vegan body lotions is formulated to support the skin’s particular needs to naturally support inner strength, balance and beauty: Refreshing Body Lotion with citrus for 24h express hydration, Revitalising Body Lotion with sea buckthorn, Regenerating Body Lotion with pomegranate, Harmonising Body Lotion with sensual wild rose, Sensitive Body Lotion and the latest addition – Skin Food Body Lotion. Each of the six individual formulas is fast absorbing and leaves the skin feeling comfortably hydrated. All of the ingredients are of 100% natural origin, including the precious essential oils used for the fragrance compositions.