A man who lives next to an airport painted 'Welcome to Cleveland' on his roof. The man doesn't live in Cleveland.

File this one under ‘Goals’.

Artist/photographer/local legend Mark Gubin put his painting skills to the test when he created a giant welcome sign on his roof for travellers flying into a nearby airport.

The sign, written in 6ft high white letters, reads “Welcome to Cleveland” and is clearly visible from the air.

Mark Gubin and his infamous sign. Via Twitter.

Nice huh?

The only problem with it is that Gubin lives in Milwaukee… Cleveland is in Ohio.

Gubin has delighted in messing with visitors to the city since 1978 when he first painted the sign after his assistant noticed planes flying low over his house.

“There’s not a real purpose for having this here except madness, which I tend to be pretty good at,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Apparently it works too and has been causing passengers heading into the Mitchell International airport to second-guess themselves for decades.


Soon after it was erected, Gubin received a tongue-in-cheek letter from the then-Common Council president Ben E. Johnson saying that the sign had been causing “outrage and panic” in the air.

“I was in Cleveland not too long ago,”  Johnson wrote. “I agree with Mr. Gubin that anybody who wants Cleveland is welcome to it.”

The view from the air. Via Google Maps.

Clearly the man is a comic genius. Someone ought to put up a sign in his honour.

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