The weirdest things that people's partners do. They're strange. Real strange.

We’re talking about people with pen fetishes who think they’re worms.

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness – and call it love – true love.” ? Robert Fulghum, True Love

So the saying goes – being weird (compatibly weird) is the perfect combination for true love. I’m sure we can all agree with that. There is no normal, and when you find someone as strange as you, you feel connected and comfortable and head over heels.

So Reddit asked their community, “What’s the weirdest thing your significant other does?”

The answers go from slightly strange to extremely weird – we’re not quite sure what to make of them. But hey, we’re just happy that someone loves these people’s little (or big) quirks.

The answers range from a doctor who can predict when their partner’s going to poop.

“He’s a doctor. We were laying in bed one time together and he was listening to my abdomen. He told me my food was making it’s way to the left side of my intestine and I’d have to go to the bathroom really soon. I pooped about an hour later.” – StevieDelRay

To the man who needs to strip down when he poops.

“He tends to get completely naked when he poops. So he’ll get in the bathroom with clothes and come out butt naked, and I’m like ‘you pooped didn’t you?'” – Sabine7

There’s a man who likes to make weird noises by breathing through his girlfriend’s nose.

“My BF gets immense pleasure from forming a suction cup around my entire nose with his mouth and blowing air up the nostrils and out my own mouth. This generally produces an involuntary vocalisation sounding not unlike a Canada goose in heat. +50 points if we’re in public.” –  Calochortus

And the woman who’s obsessed with Sherlock Holmes (just one book in different styles).

“My wife owns 8 different copies of the Sherlock Holmes collection. They all have different covers and bindings, but the same stories inside. She reads them in her spare time and frequently debates which copy she wants to read every time.” – ttothesecond

There is a man who’s partner likes to pretend she’s a worm.

“She likes to go crazy sometimes, like when she threw herself on the floor and started saying she was a worm and she loved being a worm and she was laughing maniacally when told to get up and stop being a worm.” – Dreth

There’s a woman who has a unique way of eating pizza.

“Peels all the toppings off a pizza in order, all the pepperoni at once, all the ham etc, then eats it when it’s just cheese left.” – bananapie

And the one we just couldn’t quite wrap our heads around, was the man who seems to have a very unique fetish with pens…a box of pens.

“He has a box of pens underneath our bed, like a stash of ~200, and he roleplays with them.

Each of them has a name, and a very specific profession. A group of highlighters were a boy band, another group of pens were part of the airforce and can transform into planes, etc etc.

I once caught him sleeping in our bed with almost all of the pens lined up in a specific manner across the floor and bed. I sometimes try to ask him about it (since he’s 27), he says he used to be really lonely as a child and it was his coping mechanism.” – easyfbaby

Hey, whatever makes you happy.

What’s the weirdest thing your partner does?

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