Help. My four-year-old eats cat food.

Billy is four years old.

He won’t eat chicken.

He won’t eat apples.

He won’t eat anything green.

But, there is something Billy loves to eat. Something colourful and crunchy.

It’s just a shame that it isn’t designed for human consumption.

According to his mum, Holly Wainwright, Billy likes to nibble on cat food. And “he can’t be kept away from it.”

Hear Holly Wainwright confess to Andrew Daddo on this week’s episode of This Glorious Mess. (Post continues after audio.)

Holly and her partner Brent caught the covert activity while they were house-sitting a friends cat.

“The other day, Brent goes into the kitchen, and the cat food is on the floor, and Billy’s just sitting down there…eating the biscuits. And he’s like, ‘Daddy, this is yummy‘….”


While the parenting #fail left Holly cat-a-tonic, it didn't phase Andrew Daddo. Her This Glorious Mess co-host could only see the positive.

"It's full of nutrition. It's probably got all the major food groups in it, because that's what cats need..." he said.

Despite the fact that Billy has indeed found something he doesn't mind eating, Holly has quarantined the cat food, now far, far away from his little hands.

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What's the weirdest thing your child has ever eaten?