In two photos, this fitness trainer has proven weight is just a number.

I am currently on a “I’m going to be 30 this month” diet. I’ve been eating better and exercising more. I can definitely see changes and I definitely feel better, but I haven’t made that much ‘progress’ on the scale.

For as long as I can remember, weight has been an issue for me. I remember a doctor telling my dad at a checkup that I was “well over the usual weight for my age” but that I “carried it well.”

Despite that “compliment” to my eight-year-old weight distribution, I find it impossible not to obsess over the number on the scale. I know that weight is just a number, but it’s hard to break a decades-long habit that is so engrained in how I live my life.

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A photo posted by Y O L A F O R T H E W I N (@yolaforthewin) on Jul 11, 2016 at 10:55am PDT

Thankfully, there are people out there like Instagram user @yolaforthewin who are demonstrating that weight is absolutely just a number.

Yola, a fitness trainer from the Netherlands regularly posts photos of herself in workout clothes or swimwear, showing off her toned body and serving up major #fitnessgoals to her 81.4K followers.

Yesterday, she let her followers behind the curtain a bit by posting a side by side photo of herself.


The image on the left was taken three years ago and shows Yola weighing 58kg and showing off her stomach in a black sports bra and black workout pants. On the right is Yola today, weighing 64kg in a bikini and with absolutely perfect abs.

“Three years, six kilos and a new bikini,” the caption reads.” I was scrolling back in my phone and found this ‘old’ (non-flexed) picture. Weight is just a number.”

The photo has racked up 12.3k likes and almost 500 comments.

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Video via Justine McCabe

Comments range from people tagging others so as to remind them that weight is just a number, to notes to Yola herself.

“Thanks for showing weight has nothing to do with healthy lifestyle,” reads one comment. (Post continues after gallery.)


So next time I step on the scale I’m going to think about Yola and remind myself that the number doesn’t matter.

I’m never going to look as fit as she does but with a little flexing, better posture, and the right clothing I can look like my best self.

Watch Yolaforthewin work out.