Fluff: Chrissie Swan is Pregnant!

From rehab to baby news, it’s been a roller coaster week on planet celebrity.

One of our favourite ladies Chrissie Swan has some news. This week she announced she’s pregnant with her third child due in March next year (which means she’s about 5 months along by our reckoning). The Can of Worms host, co-host of Mix’s 101.1 breakfast show in Melbourne and The 3pm Pick Up on Mixfm nationally announced the news on her breakfast radio show this morning.

She said: “Is it just me or does every woman love to be pregnant? I’m so excited because finally – something we have known in this studio for 18 weeks – I can reveal I’m having my third baby.”

Listen to the audio from the show below:

Chrissie, her partner “The Chippie” and sons Leo and Kit will welcome the new baby into their family early next year.

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In case you missed it, here’s a little something from Mamamia Today host Em Rusciano….

Delta and Vogue

On Friday the FOXfm breakfast show ‘Matt and Jo’ had Delta Goodrem on as a guest. She is currently doing the rounds to promote her new album, Child Of The Universe.

Along with music talk the chat invariably turned to ex-fiancee Brian McFadden. While Delta hasn’t directly discussed her break up Brain the album is apparently full of lyrics referring to traumatic break-ups.

Eg: “Go and live your life, find another wife.”


“I am broken; there’s a stranger on the phone, something is missing from seven years ago.” (They were together for 7 years.)

Matt brought to Delta’s attention a tweet Brian’s new wife Vogue sent out into the inter webs which appeared to be a response to the song lyrics..

“You say you don’t want to discuss your personal life so DON’T!! but please stop using it to promote yourself it’s embarrassing … #fake” Vogue wrote.

Matt asked Delta how she felt about that tweet and Delta’s response was, well it was EPIC.


Check it out:

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Christina Aguilera has had her body digitally mangled in a horrific accident involving her current perfume ad and Photoshop. The ad, which appears in the current issue of US Weekly, shows the singer looking so unlike herself that we had trouble recognising her.

Not only does she look considerably thinner – her body is anatomically incorrect. Look at her wrist to the left of the frame, for example. Aguilera recently said “I embrace my body, and I embrace everything about myself. I’m embracing everything that I’ve grown to be and learned to be.”

Right, well, yes, except that weird image says something entirely different.

For some of the other photoshop fails, take a click tour of this gallery. Horrifying…

This story is pretty joyless.in 2009 rounding her total number of children up to 14

Today she’s been admitted to rehab:

This from PEOPLE:


Suleman, 37, checked into the Chapman House Treatment Center last week because of “anxiety, exhaustion, and stress” linked to a Xanax addiction, her rep says.

“Ms. Suleman has been taking Xanax that was prescribed by her doctor to deal with her anxiety but she felt she needed a treatment program to help with her recovery,” her rep tells ABC News. “She will be in treatment for 28 days or more if needed.”

The rep adds, “Although the rehab offered to treat her at no charge, Ms. Suleman opted to pay for the program.”

As for the kids? They’re in the care of three nannies and various friends.

Heidi Klum has gone BearFaced (read: make-up free, with only a small paw print on her cheek – get it? BearFaced. Cute.) for children’s charity. Children in Need’s new initiative, BearFaced Day, wants women throughout the UK to go without make-up for a day to help raise money for disadvantaged children.

Despite the complete lack of make-up artistry… 39-year-old supermodel Heidi still looks amazing. Which surely just adds further weight to the now insurmountable evidence that all the photoshopping and re-touching that happens in modelling is stupid.

Yes, models make a living from their looks. Yes, they’re selling a product by looking beautiful. But you know what? Heidi looks just lovely without the over-use of Adobe.

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