The Lunch Diaries: A 33-year-old sales manager shares her go-to workday lunches.

Organising meals for work days isn’t always easy. In our new series, The Lunch Diaries, we ask Australian women to give us a week-long snapshot into what their daily lunches look like. From meal preppers to last-minute spenders, it’s an interesting look into the lunchtime habits of everyday women. This week, a 33-year-old sales manager shares her deskside food diary.

Age: 33

Job: Sales Manager

How would you describe your approach to food?

My meal prep really depends on what my Sunday is like. If I’m home, I will generally cook two big portions of a dish that my husband and I will both take for the next two days. If I’m out, it’s more of a what can I make in 10 minutes before I catch the train to work situation.

Where do you get your food inspiration?

I have quite a lot of trusted cookbooks at home that I like flipping through. I also love the BBC Good Food app. It includes lots of inspiration and lots of easy to make, mostly standard recipes.

How much on average do you spend on buying lunch each week?

I would say I spend around $20 a week (two days on average) on buying lunch out. I roughly spend about the same in groceries for the other three days.


Today I had homemade pasta salad with crunchy slaw. I found a new olive pesto for this which I was pretty pumped about. It was super tasty!

work lunches
Pasta salad with crunchy slaw. Image: Supplied.


This morning I pulled together an avocado and egg salad with crunchy slaw (again). This meal is a bit of a go-to when I don't have time to cook anything the night before.

work lunches
Avocado and Egg salad with crunchy slaw. Image: Supplied


For lunch today I bought two tuna and avocado sushi rolls. (Yes, that is a V8 Tropical Juice in the background for health). This was admittedly a basic b*tch lunch but I was sleepy and I couldn't pull myself out of bed to actually assess the contents of my fridge this morning.

work lunches
Tuna and avocado sushi rolls. Image: Supplied


Today was homemade Tofu Tikka Masala with boiled egg and brown rice. I. LOVE. CURRY. I'm English so it's basically my go-to comfort food. Luckily, this one was cooked for me by my lovely husband so there was no prep time needed this morning.

work lunches
Tofu Tikka Masala with boiled egg and brown rice. Image: Supplied


Today I bought an acai bowl. At least once a week, I will have a client breakfast. Because I generally don't eat breakfast (I know, I know, most important meal of the day), this acai bowl doubled as my lunch.

work lunches
Acai bowl. Image: Supplied

Feature Image: Supplied. 

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