How to throw a splashingly splendid Peppa Pig party.

Everything you need for an amazing Peppa do.

If you’re stumped for Peppa Pig birthday party ideas, we’ll help you up out of the mud. We’ve got everything from nibbles to sweets and more. These Peppa Pig party ideas are so wonderful, we’re sure you kids will be expecting to see Peppa and George coming in around the corner.

Peppa Pig Cake

Make a simple vanilla cake and dirty ice with butter-cream. Decorate with Peppa Pig figurines and add a banner using straws, string and cardboard. You can also use extra batter to make cupcakes to add even more excitement. For a quick and easy vanilla batter click here.

For nibbles - Peppa Pig Popcorn

You can either buy packet popcorn or make your own by buying popcorn kernels and popping them in a paper bag, then into the microwave for a few minutes. You can serve in cute polka dot boxes and add Peppa Pig stickers for an extra special touch.

For drinks - Peppa Pig Lemonade

You can purchase or make your own lemonade and serve in a glass drink dispenser. Kids can help themselves with glass jars or spotted cups and stripped straws can be used to decorate. For a wonderful homemade lemonade recipe click here.


For sweets - Muddy Puddles

Make a chocolate mousse and serve in individual jars. You can attach adorable wooden spoons with pink ribbon. For a great chocolate mousse recipe click here.

Decorating - Peppa Pig style

For a table setting, start with a white table cloth and decorate with a polka dot runner, fake grass place mats and jars with flowers of your choice in the centre.

Peppa Pig invitations

There are great deals on custom made Peppa Pig invitations online. You can either order them online and have them mailed, or for a cheaper price, purchase the image and print them yourself at home. If you like these invitations click here.

Peppa Pig party bags

Attach helium balloons to multi-coloured party bags. Print different pictures of your kids' favourite Peppa Pig characters and glue on to the front of the bags.

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