Kate Hudson tells why she might never marry.

Kate Hudson has spoken out about her family life on The View and what she had to say might not be what you’d expect.

Kate Husdon, 35, has opened up about her unique family life on the day-time show The View, explaining to hosts Jenny McCarthy and Whoopi Goldburg that she believes her family is “unconventional”.

“I have two kids. I wouldn’t say I’m conventional, but what is conventional these days? I’ve got two children from two different fathers, so that’s unconventional.” To which Whoopi replied “Not in my neighbourhood!” Kate followed Whoopi’s comment up with “where I grew up either”.

When Kate was asked if her and her fiancé, Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy, 36, have made any wedding plans she said “I think this goes back to growing up in an unconventional family. We’re happy. We’ve got kids and a family.”

Kate went on to say “We have to find time to have time together alone. I think if we do get married, it will be for the kids actually. We’re really happy. I know it’s not a golden ticket, but there’s something secure about marriage.”

Kate had her first son Ryder, 10, with her ex-husband Chris Robinson and her second son Bingham, 3, with now fiancé Matt Bellamy.

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