The Melbourne couple asking guests to buy them a plane for their wedding.

Because couches and toasters are so passé.

They’re taking their wedding to new heights. (Sorry, the pun was right there for the taking.)

Angus Tobin and Alexandra Zylstra are a young couple from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. They’re about to get married, and like many young couples before them, they are having a wishing well on their big day.

Angus and Alex, the happy couple.

Unlike other couples, they are planning to spend the money they receive on a plane.

An aeroplane.

An actual plane.

Mr Tobin is a pilot (Image: Facebook)

According to The Herald Sun, Mr Tobin, 23, is a commercial pilot and has always wanted to own his own plane, but says it’s “an expensive thing to get into.”

So the couple are keen to purchase a six-seater plane for their wedding. Just casually.

“Rather than having a second car, we’d like a plane,” Ms Zylstra told The Herald Sun.

“It will be nice to have a headstart with a bit of extra cash.”

Apparently, there are wishing wells at more than two thirds of weddings. Wishing wells for people wishing to buy TVs.


Honeymoons in Bali.

… And now, apparently? Planes.

What did you buy with your wedding present money?