These are the old-school wedding songs guaranteed to make you cry.

Last year, a comprehensive list of the most popular ‘first dance’ songs was released, and you know what came in at number one? ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran.

For a modern wedding, sure, it’s a solid choice. But what if you’re one of those couples who want something a little more timeless?

Something actually… romantic?

There are wedding songs and then there are wedding songs.

So, with that in mind, we’ve gathered a list of the old school tunes guaranteed to have your guests straight-up weeping on your big day. In a good way, obviously.

‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ by The Carpenters.

Not only is the sentiment behind this classic song just perfect, it’s also a great one to dance to, starting out slow with a toe-tapping turnaround halfway through.

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Look, the OC is not necessarily an arbiter of good taste, but the ’90s teen drama got one thing exactly right when Julie Cooper and Caleb Nichol kicked things off as man and wife with this Paul McCartney hit.

Grab the Kleenex.

‘At Last’ by Etta James.

There won’t be a dry eye in the house if you opt for an Etta James-esque version of ‘At Last’ at your reception.

‘Not Given Lightly’ by Chris Knox.

Chris Knox wrote ‘Not Given Lightly’ about his partner in the late ’80s. It’s beautiful and it remains one of the most popular songs among New Zealanders of all time.

‘Green Eyes’ by Coldplay.

A slightly more modern one, ‘Green Eyes’ from Coldplay’s second album is no less guaranteed to hit you smack bang in the feels.

“Your Song” by Elton John.

It’s one of the greatest songs of all time and the perfect way to tell the love of your life “how wonderful life is” with them in the world.

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‘All I Want Is You’ by U2.

U2 may not be the ‘coolest’ band out there but, geez, they’ve released some amazing songs.

The lyrics to ‘All I Want Is You’ are perfect.

‘Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?’ by Rod Stewart.

Odds are on your wedding day you’ve probably told your significant you love them, but it’s worth bringing home message one more time to make sure everyone is sobbing with joy.

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