'I'm a beauty editor. Here's how I'm prepping my skin for my wedding.'

More wedding stuff? You want MORE wedding stuff?

Well then. Only if you insist.

Please walk with me as I bring you every detail of my skincare prep thus far, three months (or two? OMG IT'S TWO) out from my big day.

Speaking of weddings, since our mate Prince Harry has already spilled precisely ALL of the beans - let's take a look at some royal wedding fails, shall we? Story continues below.

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Because as you might already know, working out wedding skincare prep so you can get the best skin of your life, can be dizzyingly confusing. A tad overwhelming. And almost always make you wish you started it sooner.

But all the hard work will be worth it! So worth it. 

Not only will having your skin in good shape make you feel wonderful and confident and happy, but it also means your makeup will look better and do what it's told. Also, you'll need less of it - because you'll have your own lovely glow to work with.

So, yeah. Definitely worth it.


Before we get into it, it's good to know that skin is SUCH a personal thing - and what might work for me, might be completely wrong for your skin, yada yada. So, if you're hoping to tackle specific issues before your big day, it's always best to head to a skin expert and get a consultation.

Upping the facial treatments.

One of the main things I've done these past few months, is I've started having more facials. Nothing too hectic - the traditional skin-boosting kind of facials that mostly consist of double cleansing, steam, exfoliation/gentle peel, a kiss on the forehead, etc.

I've been focusing on brightening my skin, adding hydration and tackling some congestion. Giving my skin lots of nutrients, and getting it feeling and looking healthy and happy.

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And I have to say, my skin has never looked better. Apart from a couple of spots that have cropped up since starting work again (did someone say trigger?), it's been in pretty good shape.

I've been getting one facial every few weeks, but I'm ramping it up to one every two weeks in Feb and then one every week in March. (I'm getting married April 1st. Your invite is in the mail).

LED. Lots and lots of LED.

ICYMI, LED (light therapy) is brilliant for glowy, bouncy, healthy-looking skin. It's great for sensitive skin, and the boss at telling breakouts to rack off and to stop hanging around your face.

I've been doing Omnilux treatments after my facials, and come February, I'm scheduled in to have them every second week. Then, I'm going ham it up in March and start having them weekly, and then twice weekly for the two weeks leading up to the wedding.

It's a lot. I know, I know. But LED light works bloody wonders on my skin, and is just the ticket for a brighter, clearer face. As someone who struggles with hormonal breakouts every month, I want to make sure I do everything I can to keep my skin well-behaved. 


As well as going in for professional LED treatments, I'm using an Omnilux face mask at home in the evenings, right after I cleanse. 

I'm trying to do it every night - but it's more like every second or third night at the moment cause I'm lazy.

Consistency with skincare at home.

At home, I've been focusing on a consistent skincare routine, using really hardworking ingredients. Because it's one of the main things I'm terrible with, consistency (and flirting with other products).

So! Rather than switching between too many different things (which is awfully hard when you're a beauty editor, but I digress), for the past few months, I've been practising a strict routine using an exact combination of ingredients.

The MVPs? Lactic acid, retinol and vitamin C. I've noticed the biggest difference in my skin from using these three ingredients consistently.

I'll alternate between lactic acid and retinol at night, and applying vitamin C every morning (usually along with hyaluronic acid or niacinamide).

When it comes to the products, I've been reaching for things I already know and trust: Sunday Riley Good Genes and CeraVe Retinol Serum at night. For vitamin C, I've been switching between SkinCeuticals Ferulic Acid and CeraVe Vitamin C serum.

Beauty boost treatment.

On the procedure side of things, I had something called a Beauty Boost treatment last year, and I noticed incredible results. Like, my skin had the hydration and plumpness of an actual juicy grape. 


It took a few days for my face to not look like it had literally been stamped by a bunch of needles (because it... had), but goodness, it was so worth it.

If you haven't heard of the Beauty Boost treatment before, it's basically an in-clinic treatment that involves a professional using a device with tiny micro-needles. These little needles deliver a formula filled with hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins, which helps boost collagen and smooth the skin's texture.

I started noticing results around one and a half weeks later, but after six weeks - I saw the best results. Everything was plumper, more hydrated and glowier than ever.

I'm booking in for another one in Feb, and just making a mental note to NOT drink the day/night before my appointment. When I first had a Beauty boost treatment, I bled so much my face looked like an actual murder scene (alcohol thins your blood), and as a result, the bruising was probably a lot worse than it needed to be.

So, there you have it! 


Was there anything else I meant to add? Can't think. That's all (for now).

What did you do to your skin before you got married? Share your tips with me in the comments below! Go on.

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