When unexpected guests appear in your wedding photos.

There is a certain wedding photo going around at the moment.

It isn’t of a romantic kiss between the bridal couple (you know, where the bridesmaid fainted and may have kind of ruined the photo, see it here).

It isn’t the sweet dance between the bride and her father.

It’s where a couple get married on a beach. With someone tanning in their bikini right next to the aisle. The couple uploaded the photo to Imgur.

Welcome to the world of wedding photobombs.

Image via Imgur.

While everyone is talking about that photo (and debating who found it more awkward)... they are not alone.

In fact, quite a few people have experienced a photobomb at their wedding.

TAP on the image below to scroll through the gallery of wedding photobombs. And in the comments below, let us know which is your favourite. (Mine is the cat. Because you know that cat did it on purpose.)