This couple's romantic wedding photo didn't exactly go to plan.

We love a good wedding pic.

But what we love even more than a good wedding photo is… a bad one.

So, here’s a lil’ wedding photo fail that’s so goddamn hilarious we just have to share it with you guys.

When newlyweds Leanne and Jim were tying the knot at Newport Vineyards in Rhode Island last weekend, they decided to get a bit creative with their photos.

In short, they thought they’d give the ole’ dip kiss a go.

But it didn’t… exactly… go to plan. And luckily, their wedding photographer Lauren Halvorson caught the whole thing on camera.

wedding photo fail
It started out well...
And then this HAPPENED.
wedding photo fail
wedding photo fail
wedding photo fail
We LOVE these guys. Image via Lauren Halvorson Photography.

“He made sure her butt never hit the ground. That's true love, my friends. True love,” Halverson wrote on Facebook.

"I hope more couples can take note from them that perfection is a unicorn," Halverson told 9Honey.

"Something is bound to be less than perfect on your wedding day, but if you're able to laugh your way through the day and truly enjoy every single moment you are going to be just fine, and have great stories to tell for years to come."

Leanne and Jim, we LOVE your work.

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