Bride-to-be posts Facebook rant about why you aren't coming to her wedding.

This is not the bride. But it could be…




One of the most difficult experiences in the not insubstantial pre-wedding preparation checklist is locking down the guest list. There are only so many people you can fit in a venue or afford to feed or genuinely want to be present on that intimate day in your life, so culling your list can be a grueling, stressful process.

The trick is to realise that, naturally, your wedding can be a total narcissism trap, so knowing this, the goal is to maintain perspective and a sense that the universe does not revolve solely around you and your chic, professionally-sourced out-of-season peonies.

Inevitably, there’s a percentage of brides-to-be that fall victim to SAMS (AKA Self-Absorbed Menace syndrome).

Like this one lady, who took to Facebook demonstrating textbook symptoms of SAMS.

The bride-to-be posted a comprehensive list detailing why Facebook friends would NOT be receiving an invitation to her wedding, which has since gone viral.

If the phrasing of this rant is any reflection of the person who wrote it, some friends may not be particularly “butt hurt” about missing an invite.

If someone has “talked shit” about you, been a serial no-show at your events, and are just a work acquaintance, surely it’s time to rethink having them as Facebook friends?

What do you think: Is this incredibly rude or do you applaud her honesty? When you got married how did you break it to those not invited?