We are trying really hard not to use the word 'Bridezilla.' We'll leave it up to you to decide.

It’s a wedding invitation doily disaster.

Yes. A doily has threatened to derail a wedding after the bride discovered a stationery company used a slightly different doily to what she ordered.

Guests were shocked to discover the doily that their wedding invite was wrapped in was not what the bride originally ordered.

Natalie DeGraffenreid, of Dallas, Texas, ordered custom wedding invitations from a small graphic design business, paying a $500 deposit.

The bride in happier days. (Via Facebook)

The invitations, which featured doilies printed on them as part of the design, were to be also wrapped in a paper doily.

But tragically, the designer ran out of the same style of doilies. With the identical doily pattern no longer available from the supplier, they had to make a “split second” decision.

Laura Heymann, the owner of Art By Ellie, said they made a design choice and emailed the bride to let her know. “The client’s invitations literally have doilies printed on them as part of the design and we chose the doily print that most resembled that, thinking she would be pleased with the coordination.”


When the two designs arrived in the post, one with the original lacy design, and the other more slightly lacy design, the bride was distraught.

The ROGUE doily (left) vs the original doily (right).

“She said it was ‘different.’ I didn’t know how different,” she told WFAA.

DeGraffenreid – who incidentally sent out the invitations as they were – outed the rort in the media and demanded a refund.

“It matters to me. I’m the bride, and I’m the one that paid for it,” she said.

Ms Heymann claims in a statement on her website that she offered the bride a refund.

“We have apologized numerous times, and offered everything we could think of at the time to rectify the situation (including a complete reprint), but ever since then (over three weeks ago now) and until yesterday we had not received any responses from the bride. The invitations were used and sent out as they were, and the final bill was not paid.”

A lawyer representing Art By Ellie has since contacted Ms DeGraffenreid requesting full payment of the rest of her bill in the hope of avoiding legal action.

But DeGraffenreid, who has not decided how she will proceed, had this warning for other brides: “Get the envelope, the ink … every detail of any order in whatever contract you sign.”

“Hopefully you will not go through what I went through,” she said.

The doily spoiler has cast a dark, lacy shadow over the upcoming nuptials.

Art By Ellie is now refining their stationery contract with the help of an attorney to include a supplies and embellisments clause so they don’t end up in court, or on the news again.

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