'My brother-in-law and his partner are holding a wedding grudge.'

The wedding guest list can be a huge source of contention for any family.  And for one bride, the situation is unfortunately no different.

A disgruntled newlywed has taken to Reddit to vent about the circumstances that caused her brother-in-law and his partner to completely ignore her and her new husband since their wedding.

She explains that last year, the bride and her then fiance decided not to invite the groom’s brother’s girlfriend to their wedding, as they wanted to keep it intimate.

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"They'd been together for a couple of months and I'd talked to her once, which was a very one-sided conversation where I did all the asking and she did all the talking. So, I think she knows my name, but that's about it," the woman wrote.


The situation was only made worse by the woman's mother-in-law, who decided to ring the girlfriend and let her know personally that she wasn't going to be invited.

"My husband then called her [his mum] to ask why the hell she would tell her that when we were just on our way to talk to them about that. Mum got angry, started yelling, crying and said she wouldn't attend our wedding... Yes, this actually happened," she added.

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The wedding came and went and seven-months later, they're still not on speaking terms.

"My brother-in-law and his girlfriend are still upset about us not inviting her and ignore us," the woman wrote.

The woman concludes by asking whether or not her and her partner were horrible for not inviting the girlfriend to their wedding.

"I'm under the impression that we weren't since we didn't want people we didn't know in our wedding," she admits.

Do you think the bride and groom were being unreasonable?