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Is this a legitimate wedding gift?

The gift that started it all.
The gift that started it all. Photo: The Hamilton Spectator



A spat between a recently wed couple and two of their wedding guests has gone viral. As in, taken over the interwebs kind of viral.

Now stay with us… because this little tale of wedding-gift-outrage firmly crosses the line from absurd into down right cray cray.


A Canadian man and his girlfriend attended the same-sex wedding of an old work collegue. There was no registry, so as a gift, they gave the new brides “…a wicker box with a hinged lid, filled with food items, most of them PC Black Label, including: tri-color pasta, salsas, Balsamic vinegar and Olive, Gourmet croutons, Panko Breading, Pesto, some baking ingredients, Biscuits from Godiva and a few ‘Fun’ items like Marshmallow Fluff, Sour Patch Kids and Butterscotch sauce.”

On the card they wrote “Life is delicious….Enjoy”

Nice, right? No, not so nice apparently. In fact…


The brides were unimpressed. They were so offended by such a ‘crappy’ gift, they decided to launch an attack:

I want to thank you for coming to the wedding Friday. I’m not sure if it’s the first wedding you have been to, but for your next wedding… People give envelopes. I lost out on $200 covering you and your dates plate… And got fluffy whip and sour patch kids in return. Just a heads up for the future :)

Epic move, cranky brides.

But just wait for the guest’s counter-move:

…the message you sent to me today was by far the most inconsiderate, immature, greedy, and asinine thing I have ever had the displeasure of seeing… This is not even close to being the first wedding I have attended, and actually I have done a lot of research on wedding etiquette, a step in the process the two of you clearly skipped over (clearly displayed by Laura chewing gum, like a cow does hay, while walking down the aisle). Here is some help for you… just a heads up for the future.


Ouch. The brides then launched this retaliation:

Weddings are to make money for your future. Not to pay for peoples meals. Do more research. People haven’t gave gifts since like 50 years ago! You ate steak, chicken, booze, and a beautiful venue. To be exact the plates were $97 a person… But thanks again for the $30 gift basket my wife can’t even eat. If anything you should be embarrassed for being so cheap and embarrassing yourself walking in with a gift basket probably regifted cheap ass.

There were a few more exchanges of fire, but we’ll spare you the gory details.

It was at this point the ‘cheap ass’ guest in question decided he needed some serious back-up. He wrote into the local paper for reinforcements, describing the circumstances of the battle to readers and asking them for advice on his next move.

The cheap guest may have won the battle but the war continues….

So, what would your next move be? Or, perhaps more importantly, which side of this war would you be on?