The aisle will be calling. Here are the wedding dress trends for 2017.

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Plunging necklines are in. Lace is back. And white is no longer mandatory. The wedding dress trends for 2017 have arrived. If you’re not currently planning a wedding, you’re sure to be day-dreaming by the end of this post. And if you’re already married, you’re about to want to do the whole thing over again. There is stark diversity, profound elegance and something-a-little-special seen in the 2017 bridal looks. Prepare yourself to feel the bridal-equivalent to “clucky”. The aisle will be calling. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Plunging necklines

Modern, bold and beautiful… with a touch of sexiness thrown in. A deep, narrow neckline can be extremely flattering alongside capped sleeves, or even a long-sleeved look. The neckline can descend down to any skirt of your choosing – full and flowing, or tight and curve-hugging. It works either way. Here are some of the top picks for this season.


Our Iris gown, whispers of perfection from @the_lane headpiece @tamibarlev #mirazwillinger

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Congrats to the new #BERTA brides for 2017 from London, Houston and NJ trunk shows this weekend ❤

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High neckline and statement collars

If it’s not plunging, it’s the opposite. Sure, a high neckline is demure and lady-like, and that can be perfect on its own. But the collar… the collar can add a spark of something really special. A flaring or detailed collar can add both sophistication and edginess to a bridal look. The look is unique, flattering and still prettily demure.


ARMANDA. From the new #BERTA bridal line called MUSE. #Musebyberta @musebyberta

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There’s something about the shoulders.

The off-the-shoulder trend that is sweeping the apparel world? It’s also taking over in bridal. There’s something about shoulders and sleeves this year. If they’re not off-the-shoulder, they’re capped or sculpted. If they’re not capped or sculpted, they’re long and billowing. Take your pick below.


Romance by #BERTA. New FW2017 bridal collection coming soon.

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Mark Zunino Spring 2017 Bridal Collection! #markzunino #markzuninobridal

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Sheer perfection – The Camilla Gown in motion #jmendel #weddingwednesday @gillesmendel

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Colour is in!

And we’re talking serious colour. Sure, you have your standard variations of white, such as grey and silver and gold and beige. But this year is also bolder — think blues and greens and oranges and reds. There’s something near-autumnal about the 2017 bridal look.


Ziad Nakad#parisfw17 #runway #madamefigarofr #photo #Imaxtree

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Three-dimensional details

We’re talking dresses that make you want to reach out and touch them. This year, embroidery and detail feature heavily in the bridal collections. There are also attachments that move when you move, adding an extra dose of playful magic to your bridal gown. Think: flowers and butterflies, beads and fanned tulle. The effect is of movement, delicacy and an element of surprise.


The power of fragility // Lily gown from the #whisperofblossom collection 2017 #mirazwillinger photo by @alexanderlipkin

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Bridal bliss. #WeddingWednesday #CarolinaHerreraBride

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Bows, beautiful bows. They’re back. There are coloured bows that contrast with the white. There are big, bold, statement bows. There are more dainty, feminine bows. They are everywhere and they are beautiful.


@lovegrace_e graces #CarolinaHererra #Spring2017 campaign.

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#CarolinaHerreraBride takes a bow. #Aubreygown leaves something to talk about behind her back. #weddingwednesday @brides

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Spring #wedding belle. #CarolinaHerreraBride.

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Jump suits, pants and cropped tops… Wait, what?

A full skirt – or a skirt of any type, in fact – is no longer necessary. The bridal pant entered the scene last year. It quickly sky-rocketed in popularity, and lead to the rise of social media movements such as #sayyestothepants. Bridal pants, whether they’re tailored and stiff or silky and flowing, are edgy, unique and definitely a show-stopper. 2017 is also seeing the emergence of cropped-top bridal dresses. This is certainly something different – but the result is the epitome of modernity, style and bashful, bridal elegance.