See the wedding dress that took 3900 hours to make.



Whenever you try a piece of clothing on, do you ever imagine how long it took to make?

Well, probably only if it’s poorly made, but meet the antithesis of a dodgily constructed garment.

This dream-wedding dress took just a casual 3,900 hours to create. Roughly translated, that’s over five months if you worked 24 hours a day. It contains 40 different types of beads; and 25 different types of Swarovski crystal. (Who knew there were 25 different types of Swarovski crystal?_

“In couture, the bride is such an important look,” designer Tamara Ralph told Vogue. “Obviously, it’s the closing piece, so there’s a lot of emphasis on it – and it’s always one of the most in-demand pieces with clients. It needs to be representative of the rest of the collection – which this season was inspired by Massimo Listri’s interiors photography – but also has to stand alone.”

Which is exactly what you would be doing in this Ralph & Russo dress. The bridal couture designers are only releasing one gown per country. So brides, or you know princesses, have to decide straight away if it is the wedding dress of their dreams. No pressure or anything.