A wedding dress designer shares her 8 top tips for finding your dream dress.

There are few items that have as much pressure and build up around them as the outfit you’ll wear as a bride.

Whether you’ve spent years on Pinterest getting inspo or it’s just another thing you’ve got to tick off your (long) to do list, buying your wedding dress is a BIG DEAL.

So how do you get it right? (Apart from you know, picking and wearing whatever you want).

We asked Australian bridal designer Sasha Bellenger of Sasha Belle Bridal in Miranda for her top tips to finding your dream dress.

1. Research

Put that Pinterest board to good use.

“Be prepared. Check social media and magazines to see what you like and have an idea of the styles, shapes and silhouettes that are appealing to you,” Bellenger said.


2. Bring in pictures

To make the process easier, bring those pictures in.

“Provide your designer with images and pictures of gowns that you like but also ensure you know the price of these gowns.”

This will give designers or retail assistants a clear idea of what you want and also enable them to tell you what they can achieve at what price.

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3. Know your budget

The only problem with seeking inspiration from elsewhere? They might be champagne designs for your sparkling wine budget.

“Have a clear budget in mind and let your designer know your limit,” said Bellenger. This will prevent any disappointment (or shock invoices!) later down the track.

4. Limit your shopping companions

“Bring only a few family and selected friends with you otherwise you lose your voice in the crowd,” she advised.

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5. Don't try to do too many at once

While a packed schedule may seem like a good and efficient idea at the time, it can actually work against you.

"Do not try to do too many appointments in one day," warned Bellenger.

"It can become overwhelming, tiring and end up non productive."

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6. Be open to ideas

You may have an exact image of what your ideal dress should look like, but don't be afraid to listen to suggestions and be open to things outside your vision. Why? Because it might just be the perfect dress.

"Remember your designer has the same goal as you which is to make you look fabulous," she said.

7. Once you've found your dress, stop looking

Once you've bought your dress, contain the urge to keep on looking around.

"There are always new designs coming out so do not confuse yourself or start second guessing your choice."
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8. Don't stress

Finally, don't panic if finding "the" gown is proving harder than you expected.

"Designers are there to help you and the experience of having a gown made just for you will be one you treasure forever," Bellenger said.

Now go forth and conquer those dress boutiques, ladies!