What your wedding dress designer wants every bride to know.

Nothing symbolises a wedding quite like a gorgeous white gown, right?

But as anyone who has ever gone wedding dress shopping knows, it’s rarely a case of waltzing into a bridal boutique, grabbing a gown off the rack, and handing over your credit card. Oh no.

The Motherish recently spoke with former Project Runway Australia finalist and Sydney bridal designer Leah Da Gloria to find out exactly what your wedding dress designer wants you to know.

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She said it was important to come to your appointment prepared with a rough idea of the type of wedding you want to have, plus any photos or dress inspiration - but to also trust a designer that you “click” with.

“Most issues happen when clients don’t trust the designer, but in the end, they usually say, ‘what was I worried about?’ Just trust it will be fine and come together,” she said.

“Because of Instagram, brides are really spoilt for choice. I have people come in, lock in a design, then come in for a fitting and change their mind because they’ve seen 10 designs they liked on Instagram. I almost have to rein that in. It pays to listen and not to overanalyse.”

Leah and model at Australian Bridal Fashion Week. Image via Instagram @leahdagloria

Da Gloria said that when it came to wedding gowns, dressing for your body was very important.

“Many brides get carried away looking at great photos beforehand, and coming prepared is always good, but also try a few basic shapes on first to get the gist, because body types vary so greatly. It’s a process, coming up with something similar to what they had in mind versus what suits their body,” she said.

“If you have a very small waist you can highlight that with a ball gown. Not many people can get away with one; if you have an athletic body I’d say no.

“People also automatically jump to strapless, but I love sleeves. They can be really flattering, if you are worried about your arms.


“The mermaid silhouette balances larger shoulders and hips and can accentuate an hourglass figure. If you have an athletic, up-and-down figure, go for more sheath-like gowns that show some leg.”

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Da Gloria said that a bride’s height also came into play, but that it was possible to balance out the proportions of the dress to make someone appear taller.

“If you have a small build, you can still make any silhouette work,” she explained.

Da Gloria said contrasting lace, low backs, off-the-shoulder designs, straighter, flowy skirts and nude and lace had been huge bridal trends this year, and she predicted that detachable skirts and a baroque look would be big in 2016.

The one wedding gown trend she’s not a fan of? Ruffles.

“They are a bit typical and dated and really quite heavy to make, and you’ve got to carry it around all day. It gives a sense of grandness, but I think there are better things you can do than ruffles,” she said.

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Da Gloria said she had quite a few clients asking for non-white gowns, including dresses in blush tones, pink and even black.

“It comes down to the family and how religious and traditional they are, but I’d say non-traditional brides should consider going for colour because it can be really fun and different. It comes down to individual preference,” she said.

She said brides tended to be stressed around three months before their wedding and right beforehand – but that on the day, everything falls into place.

But she said she did have to act as a therapist at times, and roll with the punches.

Her number one piece of advice for brides to be?

“Once you have decided on a dress or design, stop looking. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Comparison is the thief of joy.”

What did you learn from wedding dress shopping?

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