The wedding decoration trends you'll be seeing everywhere in 2017.

Wedding decorations say a lot about a bride and groom’s big day. They signify your theme, your personalities, and send a message to guests about what kind of day they can expect. And even more importantly, when done well, they can take a wedding from great to amazing.

For those currently in the planning phase, we’ve got some good news. 2017 is a year filled with beautiful trends and themes in wedding decorations. Pick your theme (or incorporate a few) and you really can’t go wrong.

1. Metallic.

You probably noticed the rise of copper, rose gold and other metallic tones that have started to appear in (and gradually take over) decor and homewares stores everywhere last year. Lovers of this trend can rejoice because it’s not going anywhere in 2017. This delicate metallic trend sees these tones incorporated into wedding decorations with sophisticated elegance or modern flair.

Think metallic details on vases, candles, hanging lights, table runners, table settings – basically all your wedding decorations.

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2. Greenery.

Greenery is Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year for a reason. Soft green flowers and leaves are featuring more and more in bouquets and floral centrepieces, and leaves can be used to decorate tables and chairs with stunning results.

In an interview with, wedding planner Virginia Edelson said the colour green will also appear in linens, invitations and place settings, but ‘greenery’ will be everywhere.


“Flowers have always been ‘in’, but 2017 will be a year where flowers will take centre stage. Flowers will be seen in the form of large arrangements, floral walls, floral ceilings, details on stationery and more,” she said. And if you really want a showstopper? Hanging floral centrepieces provide an instant wow factor.

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3. Neutral tones.

Wedding decorations have waded into neutral territory this year, with colour palettes varying from grey-browns, blue-greys and charcoal – a trend perfect for brides who want timeless sophistication, according to Utah wedding planner, Michelle Cousins.


“This colour palette is perfect for the bride who wants to achieve a classic, sophisticated feel that won’t seem dated or look too trendy in years to come,” Cousins tells Bridal Guide.

Blush rose also remains the “it” wedding colour and is another timeless choice, says Michigan wedding planner Rhiannon Bosse.

4. Unique furniture.

Good news. The standard white or wood table and chair sets you’ve seen at every wedding ever no longer need to be your fate. The emerging trend of using vintage and second-hand furniture to create a truly unique-looking wedding reception is being pushed by engaged couple sick of the same old thing.

Wedding planner Jesse Tombs told suggests brides-to-be ask their planners to think creatively to source interesting furniture via design stores and staging companies. If you haven’t seen a wedding lounge in action, get acquainted, this is where this trend comes into its own.

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