Choreographed dances: the most annoying wedding trend.

Wedding trends come and go.

Unfortunately, there is one wedding trend that refuses to go.

Actually, it is just getting worse.

This is what I’m talking about.

The MC announces that it is time for the wedding dance. The bride and groom look into each other’s eyes and grab each other’s hand. The walk, nay float, from their bridal table to the dance floor.

A song comes on. A love ballad. The groom gently places his hand on her waist. The bride gently places her hand on his shoulder. They step to the left. To the right. To the left.

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And then the music STOPS. DJ/Band, what is going on? Next thing, Flo Rida or Jay Z or Beyonce comes on.

It’s a choreographed wedding dance!

Check out the latest wedding dance video going around. Post continues after the video.

Video via Newsflare

Oh wow, you think. The bride and groom put in so much effort to learn a dance to a mash up of about eight Top 40 tracks (one which will always be Beyonce’s Single Ladies). How good is it? How amazing? They are so original.

Not really. Everyone is doing them. Sorry future bridal couples who are planning on doing the surprise choreographed wedding dance at your wedding. Originality is gone.

I hate to be the wedding dance pooper. But I just don’t see what is so special about them.

Sure, I watch them all the way through. But not in admiration. I don’t think, “Damn, I wish my husband and I did that.” (We were boring and just danced to a soppy love song.)

I think, this is the bridal couples Britney Spears’s moment. 

They are using their 15 minutes of fame to perform for their guests. To dazzle them with their dancing skills. Okay, I might be a little bit jealous that I can’t wiggle my bum to Justin Timberlake or remember more than five moves in a row, but com’on. Am I the only one who cringes when I watch them?

Another couple doing the choreographed dance. Post continues after the video.


All I can think about is the time that went into rehearsing that routine. The fights that I’m sure happened during rehearsals. The fact that one of them probably doesn’t like all the attention and isn’t as confident in shaking the jelly to Single Ladies.

For a time, I thought they were cool. When they first started appearing on the internet a few years ago. But instead of fading into the distance. They are growing.

What was once a two minute dance, has now become six minutes.

What was once about the couple, has now got all the bridesmaids and groomsmen involved.

What was once a dodgy video from a wedding guest with a shaky hand, is now a guest perfectly placed in the best spot with a steady hand to catch the whole routine. You know, to make sure it’s good quality for YouTube.

Now I know choreography isn’t really that new. Couples have been going to dance lessons before the big day for quite some time, learning moves to impress their guests with their excellent waltzing steps.

But I even cringed at these dances. It just seems so unnatural.

Like this video of a bridal couple. Post continues after the video.

Call me a traditionalist, but I thought the wedding dance is about the couple sharing a song that they love. Dancing to their own rhythm. About putting some romance into a wedding.

Am I just being an old fart or do others think the same?

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