'What should I wear today?' Your guide to the weather around the country.

It’s Monday, and we know what that means.

It means that you need lots of coffee, a clean inbox when you get to work (wishful thinking, we know) and a helpful guide to the weather to help you decide what you should wear today to get your week started.

You ask, we deliver. Here’s your weather forecast for the major cities of Australia today:


It’s a happy Monday for you indeed, Adelaide. For the start of your week, you are being treated to sunshine and a top of 24 degrees.

To make things even better, there is a 0 per cent chance of rain, so no umbrellas required.


There’s a slight chance of a shower for you today, Brisbane locals, so better keep that umbrella and a raincoat handy (although, we’re sure you’re used to that by now!)

You’re headed for a top of 27 degrees, but with partly cloudy skies it may get a bit muggy at times. Handy hint: pack a can of deodorant in your handbag to get you through what could be a sweaty day.


Let’s look on the bright side, Canberra: you probably didn’t quite get through your Netflix queue on the weekend and today might just be your perfect chance to do it.

With a top of 19 degrees and a 40 per cent chance of rain in the afternoon, you’re guaranteed to need a jacket. Why not wear a bright blazer to spruce up your Monday?


Feeling hot up there? That’s because, Darwin, you are going to hit 32 degrees today.

While there is a chance of a shower (and even a thunderstorm) later in the day, the UV level is being labelled as “extreme”, so don’t forget to protect yourself with some sunscreen.



Layer up, Hobart. It’s a mild day ahead for you, with a top of only 17 degrees with some light winds picking up in the early evening.


Happy (sunny) Monday, Melbourne! With a top of 22 degrees, a clear sky and 0 per cent chance of rain, you’ll be hop-skip-and-jumping to work (after packing your bag with a just-in-case cardi and grabbing a large coffee, that is).


Is there an extra house in town we can move to? Because, Perth, you’ve got it going on today.

Clear, sunny skies, with a top of 31 degrees makes today the perfect day for a picnic during your lunch break.

Today’s weather is perfect for getting your toes out with a pair of cute sandals. Go on, do it!


We know you’re sick of rain, Sydney. But the rain isn’t sick of you just yet.

Today, you’ve got a very high chance of showers, more likely along the coast, with a top of 21 degrees.

This evening and tonight could bring a thunderstorm and things might even get a little windy.

We’re thinking you should wear some layers during the day, and have a pair of trackies ready to slip into when you get home from work.

Oak Valley, South Australia

There’s a lovely day ahead for you, Oak Valley: a max of 27 degrees with sunny skies and no chance of rain.

Winds could pick up later in the morning, and the temperature is expected to drop down to 12 degrees at night, so don’t leave home without a jumper if you’re planning on getting home after dark.

Forecasts sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology.