'What should I wear today?' Your guide to the weather around the country.

We know, returning to work after a four-day weekend filled with chocolate eggs and family fun is hard.

Do you know what is also hard? Figuring out what to wear to match the weather.

So, we’ve done all the hard work for you, so you can spend an extra few minutes polishing off the last of the Easter eggs.


Your Tuesday isn’t looking too bad, Adelaide: temperatures will hit a high of 29 degrees, with no chance of rain to dampen your spirits.

There will be a bit of cloud about, so pack some sunnies to cope with the inevitable glare.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A printed, bright-coloured dress, because it’s mid-April and still hot
  • Pair with a pair of bejewelled sandals with some pretty polished toes


Good news: it’s going to hit 27 degrees today in the city.

Bad news: skies will be mostly cloudy, with a possible shower developing in the late morning and afternoon.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • High-waisted shorts and wedges to beat the heat
  • Pack an umbrella in case you get caught in a mid-afternoon sprinkle


Temperatures in Canberra today are expected to reach a maximum of 23 degrees.

There’ll be some patchy fog hanging about in the morning, and light winds picking up in the afternoon, bringing with the chance of a Tuesday arvo shower.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A pair of your comfiest jeans so you can pretend you are still lounging around in your long weekend attire, even though you’re in the office
  • A just-in-case umbrella to avoid getting wet in the afternoon rain


Tuesday in Darwin looks a little like this: a maximum of 33 degrees with partly cloudy skies.

There’s a 40 per cent chance that morning rain will head your way, with warnings it may also turn into a thunderstorm.


Fail-safe outfit options:

  • An umbrella to shelter you from an oncoming storm
  • Ballet flats so you can run for cover when the rain starts to fall
  • A pleated skirt because no amount of cloud or rain can ruin your mood today, right?


Hobart will feel temperatures of 22 degrees today, with mostly sunny skies.

There’s no chance of rain in sight, but there may be some light winds floating about in the morning.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A light-weight cardigan to keep warm when the breeze begins to blow
  • A pair of silk pants, because there’s no chance rain will come along to ruin them


In Melbourne today, temperatures will reach a maximum of 22 degrees.

There may be some morning fog, but don’t let that worry you, folks. It will soon clear to bring you a sunny Tuesday.

Oh, and there’s no chance of rain, just to make things even better.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Temperatures in the low 20s mean one thing: your favourite pair of jeans and a fun, frilly blouse
  • Pack some sunglasses to protect your eyes from those sunshine rays


How’s Tuesday looking in Perth? Temperatures of 24 degrees and no chance of rain.

It will, however, be a partly cloudy day, with light winds picking up for a short while in the afternoon.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A bright-coloured maxi dress to stay comfortable and stylish


Sydney, your top temperature today will hit 24 degrees.

There will be patches of fog hanging about in the city’s west this early morning, with the rest of the city in for a partly cloudy day.

There is a 30 per cent chance of showers in the afternoon, with some light winds headed your way, too.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A midi-skirt – perfect for that not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather
  • Keep a cardigan near in case the winds give you a bit of a chill

Forecasts sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology.