'Help! I'm a guest at a wedding and I'm worried my dress is too white.'

Ahhhhhh, weddings. Possibly the hardest events to dress for in human history, especially if you’re of the lady persuasion.

Is your dress too short? Too dressy? Too revealing? Can it be white/beige/cream/champagne? What shoes are appropriate? How high should they be? Do you wear false eyelashes? How does one even apply false eyelashes? Do you bring a coat? Can aforementioned coat be white/beige/cream/champagne? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GODDAMN RULES?

It’s exhaaaaaaausting. And it’s a problemo that one Redditor is all too familiar with. You see, ‘honeycomehome’ has been invited to a wedding, and is struggling with the “no white” rule brides enforce like it’s written into some secret wedding constitution.

So, tell me, is this dress appropriate to wear on someone’s Big Day? You be the judge.

Is this dress appropriate to wear on someone's Big Day? (Image: ModCloth)

GAH - floral is always so tricky - isn't it? Needless to say, opinion was deeply split in the comment section.

Screenshots: Reddit

While I would attend a wedding in that dress quicker than you can say "bridezilla", it seems the majority of people wouldn't. Personally, I'm shocked (and very concerned that my grasp of wedding protocol is underwhelming at best).

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So, tell me, what are your thoughts? Is that red/white/floral number a-okay to wear to a wedding? Or does it give the bride a valid reason to ghost you out of her life and get a refund on that chip-n-dip platter you bought?

Let us know in the comments section below...