Here's why foul-mouthed Vintaea really walked out on Bachelor Richie.

We only had one Bachelor episode with Vintaea, but Australia is already in love.

From the moment she stepped out of the limo and asked Richie if he was “sh***ing himself”, to her discussions with the other contestants about her “f***ing heavy” earrings and revelations that her “tits were up to her f***ing neck”, she was every viewers dream best friend.


But, alas, our short-lived love affair with the foul-mouthed beauty wasn't to be, as she walked out on Richie MID ROSE CEREMONY.


While she could be heard breathing a sigh of relief and muttering that she couldn't wait to slip out of her dress, that wasn't the only thing that made her walk out. The 25-year-old has revealed that she didn't think Richie would be able to "handle" her personality. The Bachelor Australia is back. And so is Bach Chat!

"I knew he wouldn't have the personality to be able to handle mine and knew pretty much straight away that he wasn't the guy for me, hence why I left", she told The Western Star.

And....she's out. Bye Richie!

"If the bachelor had been a guy I initially liked, then I would of pushed through the dresses, make up and high heels and stayed and gone for the win," she continued. She also said that Richie "would need to be on constant caffeine" to keep up with her.

There's no denying she's chock full of honesty, right? While many fans are hoping Vintaea will make an appearance on another (or maybe EVERY other) reality TV show in the future, sadly, the straight-talking Queenslander says her TV time is done.



"It’s the first and last time I’ll do reality TV," she told TV Week.

We hardly knew you, Vintaea, but we will never forget you.

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