ROADTEST: 'I tried the app that promises to make my day better in 8 minutes. Here's my honest recap.'

Thanks to our brand partner, WEARE8

Social media. It’s a love-hate relationship. 

I am in a constant battle with myself, always trying to spend less time on my phone, but then I inevitably get sucked right into doom scrolling on all platforms.

To add to this, my job is literally in social media and marketing... so, I am pretty much fighting a losing battle.

Every couple of months I attempt a social media detox where I stay off all the apps for about a week, but the nature of life and work means it’s not sustainable. 

Then comes along WeAre8

When I heard about WeAre8, the newest social media platform that was founded because "social networks should serve us, not harm us", I was immediately intrigued.

WeAre8 encourages you to spend just eight minutes a day on the platform consuming feel-good content, and also pays you to watch ads, which you can then donate to a charity. The app claims to be free from hate (a BIG win in my books), good for the planet, puts money in your wallet and celebrates the good in life.

To make sure the app lives up to its promises (and isn't actually too good to be true), I thought I’d trial it for a week and report back with my honest verdict.

Here's exactly how it went.

How it works

First things first, let me break down exactly how the app works. 

Basically, you download it from the app store like any other social media app. 


Once you open it and sign up, you are welcomed by an easy to use interface that opens on the ‘8Stage’ — this is what other platforms might call your “feed”. 

Image: Supplied.

As a user on the platform, you are invited to watch eight minutes of curated content each day. The content is designed to be uplifting, share different perspectives of the world and encourage collective change. 


You can follow different creators from around the world, or also become a verified ‘8Creator’, which allows you to contribute meaningful content to the platform. 

My first impression of the overall feed and experience was really positive — it’s very easy to use and navigate around.

The other super cool and innovative part of the app is that you can get paid to watch ads. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Paid to watch ads. AND by doing so, you are doing good for the planet. 

The website explains: “We’ve flipped the system so now, you’re paid and donations are made to charity each time you watch an ad.”

How bloody cool.


After a week of using WeAre8 every day and exploring the 8Stage (main feed), I can confidently say I am pleasantly surprised.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical of even more content — in such a saturated market, I find it already hard enough to filter through the millions of videos and images online... but the 8Stage was a breath of fresh air. 

The content is exciting and empowering — scrolling through the feed actually made me feel good. (And that is not a word I normally associate with my phone.)

My feed was filled with the perfect mix of landscapes, inspiration and of course my favourite animals, including baby joeys and tiny turtles being born.

After eight minutes, the app serves you a reminder to get off your phone and go and enjoy life. 


This is my favourite part. 

As someone who is trying hard to be more mindful and present, the reminder is very welcome.

Each day after scrolling for eight minutes, I closed the app and took a moment to observe how I felt. Often, when I stop scrolling on social media, I feel an underlying anxiety and a bit tense when I log out. 

With WeAre8, I felt really calm and empowered. 

A very welcome change. 

Saving the planet

“Imagine if you could change the world in just eight minutes a day,” says the app’s description. “Now you can. We make it easy and fun for you to help support climate solutions, end food poverty and support the causes that matter. Join the goodness and celebrate your impact with the 8 community.”

But how, you ask?

Well, each day the app will prompt you to watch ads and if you choose to watch them, you will receive a small payment and donation to a charity. 

The app explains, “for every ad you choose to watch, you receive small payments in your 8Wallet. Plus, a donation is also made to charities positively impacting the world.”

Crazy, huh? 

I trialled out watching several different ads throughout the week, and actually really liked it. 

The fact that I was choosing to engage and watch the ads, instead of getting them forced on me, AND was getting paid at the same time made it feel very satisfying. 


After each ad, there are usually a few questions to answer, which I found really interesting too (I won’t blame you if you call me a marketing nerd haha). 

Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

After you watch each ad, the app alerts you that money will appear in your ‘wallet’ after 30 days. You can use this money to ‘do good’ and donate to a charity of your choice, or you can deposit it into a connected PayPal account. 


I am eagerly awaiting for my pending funds to appear so I can donate to one of the listed charities. I really like this feature as it feels like such a small but impactful way to make a change.


Another cool thing I observed as I scrolled for my eight minutes a day was these ‘8Challenges’ popping up. They were constant little reminders to challenge yourself to do something positive in the day.

Things ranged from taking an hour off your phone, calling a friend, having a shorter shower or trying a new self-care practice. 

This really made the scrolling experience feel empowering and more meaningful. 

Final thoughts

Over all, after a week of using the app I feel really good. It makes me feel empowered and good about being on my phone, and I love the idea that I can watch ads and then donate money to charities I care about. 

It’s a very pleasant change from the fatigued, negative overwhelming feelings I get with other apps. I can easily slot the eight minutes into my daily routine and I feel inspired and invigorated by the content.

It’s a big win in my book. 

WeAre8 is the social media platform making a difference by celebrating the good in life. Try it for yourself now. 

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A social media app that inspires you, is good for the planet, free from hate, puts money in your wallet and celebrates the good in life in just 8 minutes a day. How good is that!