Women's Big Bash players share their superstitious pre-game rituals.

If you’ve spent any time around professional sportspeople you’ll know they’re a superstitious bunch.

From “lucky” underwear to specific meals, most athlete’s have their own quirky pre-game ritual that if not performed, throws them off completely.

The cricketers of the Women’s Big Bash League are no different.

Listen: Mia Freedman, on why the Big Bash has drawn her to cricket. Post continues after audio. 

The players Mamamia spoke to, shared the acts they must perform, foods they must eat and clothes they must wear in order to have a great game.

One of the most common? The order they put their shoes and pads on, closely followed by pre-match grooming habits.

Georgia Redmayne, Hobart Hurricanes

"I always try to avoid eating duck the night before a cricket game because I think that's quite bad luck."

Get it? Cos that's what Georgia's trying to avoid when she gets onto the pitch.

Corinne Hall, Hobart Hurricanes


"I do like to sing in the changeroom."

Samantha Bates, Sydney Thunder

"I do have to go out for breakfast and order poached eggs on toast."

Suzie Bates, Adelaide Strikers


"I can't go to a game without a coffee."

Megan Schutt, Adelaide Strikers

"I must shave my legs and wash my hair."

For the rest of our female cricket stars' superstitions, watch the video playing above!