The one person we are thinking about while having sex...

For many of us…it’s not the person we’re with.


Sometimes, you just aren’t really in the moment. No matter how hard your partner is trying or how amazing they are.

Sometimes, lists are made while doing the deed.

Sometimes, you can’t help but keep an ear out for your child picking the lock to the bedroom door instead of watching Frozen.

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And sometimes…well…sometimes your mind wanders…to someone else.

Actually, it turns out that ‘sometimes’ is quite common. Yikes.

Sex toy retailer Lovehoney found that 46 per cent of women and 42 per cent of men thought about someone else while getting their jiggy on.

Oh…and it’s not Chris Hemsworth that we are thinking about (or is that just me?).

Chris Hemsworth with his daughter. Image via Instagram.

We are actually thinking about... a work colleague.

Yes, Jimmy from accounts. Or Mary from marketing. That is who is on almost half of our minds while we are having some "quiet time" with our partner.

They study surveyed 1,300 people and didn't just stop at the fantasising.

According to the results, 8 per cent of women and 2 per cent of men have had sex with their boss (or at least those are the ones who admitted to it in the survey).

Which celebrity do you have as your hall pass (where, if you ever met them and they wanted to get it on, you would be allowed and it wouldn't be considered cheating)?

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