How to do the hair everyone wore at the Emmys

Images: Kate Mara and Julie Bowen (Getty)

Two things really stood out on this year’s Emmys red carpet: orangey-red gowns (seriously – was that a coordinated effort, ladies of Hollywood?) and long bobs. More specifically, long bobs styled with gentle, chic waves – as worn by House of Cards star Kate Mara and Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen, above.

Does this hair look familiar to you? It sure does to us – because it’s the very same look Australian journalist Leila McKinnon rocked for her hosting duties at the Gourmet Traveller Awards last Wednesday night. She’s a trendsetter, that Leila:

Image by Benjamin Hansen (courtesy of Gourmet Traveller)

To be perfectly honest, we're a bit obsessed with this style at the moment. It's an incredibly flattering 'do for women of any age, looking grown-up and mature yet fresh and chic at the same time.  The best bit? You can do it at home.

We asked Leila's stylist, By Normie, how he achieved the waved look. Here's what you need to do (the designer gown and DIY red carpet are optional extras).

You'll need:

A heat protectant (By Normie likes Schwarzkopf’s Rescue Repair Seal Ends, 18.50  - buy it here)

Clips to section up your hair (Like these Freestyle ones $5.99)

A blowdryer

A curling wand or tongs

Hair spray

A barrel brush

A bristle brush

What to do:

1.)  Apply Schwarzkopf’s Rescue Repair Seal Ends all over towel-dried  hair.

2.) Blast your hair completely dry.

3.) Then section hair so that the top half of your hair is clipped up, and the bottom half is free.

4.)  At the back of your head, take 3cm by 3cm sections and wrap your hair around your curling wand.  You can wind hair in any direction - this is only to create body. I normally hold each twist for 8 seconds on normal hair. If your hair is thicker, you should leave it for a little longer.

5.) Moving to the middle section: take a good thick piece of hair and place the tongs underneath it. Then wrap the hair around the tongs from beneath. Don't curl the hair completely - keep about an inch at the ends straight. Then repeat the process until the whole bottom of your hair has been tonged.

6.) Before tonging the top of your hair, section your hair again and then blow dry each section of hair forward with a large round brush. Repeat this process until you get to the crown of your head.


7.) Push the blow-waved hair back and allow your hair to fall into its natural part.  Then take 3cm wide sections and tong them. Repeat until all of your hair is done.

8.) Spray your head with hairspray all over, and allow it to settle for 30 seconds – for better result leave it a little longer. If you want a more relaxed wave run your fingers all over your hair.  For a structured look brush  your hair out with a bristle brush and place it in your desired look.

For more of By Normie’s hair and makeup tips check out his YouTube channel here.

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