The latest celebrity must-have haircut is called 'The Wob.'

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The bob, the lob and now the wob – we’re the first to admit that haircuts are sounding increasingly ridiculous these days. Silly names aside, we’re seriously loving the latest iteration of the ‘-ob’ – the wavy long bob.

Rather than attempting to defy the forces of humidity with a vigorous straightening technique, some of our favourite celebrities have been letting their lobs wave and curl with wild abandon.

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It’s not just international stars giving the wob a try – Lindy Klim wore the look to Stakes Day last weekend, while Leila McKinnon also took it for a test ride earlier this year.

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The wob is that unique hairstyle that’s chic and mature, yet gorgeously playful at the same time. It’s also ideal for any occasion – work functions, your office Christmas party, picnics, cocktail bars, dates, you name it.

The rising popularity of this style is excellent news for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere – with summer just around the corner, we’re chuffed to have an excuse not to spend hours running a straightener through our hair. It’s also a big win for ladies with stubbornly wavy hair, for whom short styles aren’t always doable. Finally, our time to shine!

What is also interesting about this trend is that a number of the women wob-ing it on the red carpet – Hilary Swank and Camila Alves, most recently – actually have really long hair. With a few clever styling tricks, they’ve managed to curl and twist and tuck it up into a short style. The ultimate form of hair trickery – and no chop commitment required.

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Yep. We’ve officially converted to the Altar of the Wavy Lob. You’ll find us at the hair salon.

And, just because we can’t get enough of celebrity hairstyles, here’s our collection of the most interesting, beautiful hair to come out of Hollywood lately:

Would you ever try the Wob?