Watch this video and you will never lose a hair-tie again.


If you’re anything like the Mamamia team, then it’s likely you have more accessories than you know what to do with. Rings, bangles, necklaces, scarves, gloves, floppy hats for summer, cute berets for winter, etc etc etc.

Although such variety makes it difficult to decide what to wear each day, the real hardship (in terms of first world problems) arises when trying to store said accessories – without all your necklaces ending up in a tangled clump at the back of your underwear drawer.

But never fear – the smart solutions on how to store accessories are here! In the video below we will share with you how to store sunglasses, the best way to display bangles, the trick to hanging necklaces, pass on a tip on how to keep track of those pesky hair-ties (where do they go?!), and a clever sartorial solution to keep in mind next time you have an important interview or meeting for work. 


These smart solutions were brought to you by the all new Kia Rondo.

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Do you have any smart solutions for the wardrobe or on how to store accessories?