WATCH: The best (and shortest) Emmys speech of all time.


This only happened today and it’s already being called ‘the best Emmys speech of all time’ by pretty much everyone on the internet.

Here’s how it went down: Merritt Wever plays Zoey on cable TV show Nurse Jackie. Here’s some of her brilliance:

She’s pretty much an unknown to anyone who doesn’t watch that show.

Although she’s talented and hilarious, nobody expected her to win Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy up against big shots like Sofia Vergara (who is blonde now – see gallery below) and Jane Lynch.

And Wever probably expected it the least. Her shock at hearing her name called is priceless, but not as priceless at what she says when she gets up on stage.

And in case you missed the weird, wonderful and wtf of Emmys fashion…

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