A guide to watching The Bachelor without Keira tonight.

The day we have all been dreading has finally arrived. We knew it was coming. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Tonight, we will watch The Bachelor without The Gloriousness of Keira.

keira the project
Don't worry Keira, we're crying too. Source: The Project.

This week on The Binge, recap queen Rosie Waterland calls it - without super-villain Keira de Vil, this show is going to feel empty inside. Like our hearts.

Listen to Rosie talking Keira on The Binge:

Because this year, it's been all about Keira. So what are we to do without her? Before you switch off, we've got a game to keep things interesting. So grab the popcorn and a bottle of wine, and pop on a choker. And don't forget to lick your teeth. It's what she'd want.

9 rules for watching The Bachelor without Keira. You're welcome. 

1. Anytime anyone mentions Keira, yell 'you peasant!' because Keira was too good for The Bachelor, and the other contestants are clearly not worthy of uttering her name.

Keira is our Kween. Source: Channel 10

2. Whenever intruder Sarah speaks, you must speak in a high-pitched voice until the next ad break. Yes, it's bullying, but Keira would have wanted it that way.

3. If Richie is doing an activity on a date, stand up and let him know the correct way to do it. Even if he seems to be doing it right, he's not. You know better.

4. Anytime the girls are sitting around waiting for Osher to show up, Richie is being unbearably dull or a date is boring, sing 'Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed' because your time is precious and bed is delightful.

Quite a reasonable response, really. Source: Channel 10

5. If an intruder gets alone time with Richie, storm out of the room. It's not fair and it's absolutely unacceptable.

6. If Alex uses the white rose, drink. It's all there is left to do at this point.

7. At the rose ceremony, every time Richie hands out a rose, nod wisely and say 'I'm quite intuitive, so I knew.'

Source: Channel 10.

Plus, some fun ways to pass the time in the ad breaks...

8. Ask the person next to you, 'what turns you on?'

9. Stand up and share with the room exactly why you are such a good catch. Spare no details, you've got the whole package.

Thanks for the memories, Keira. We'll miss you.

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