WATCH: Mia talks about her first job in magazines.


Mia Freedman started in magazines at a young age and worked her way up (and eventually out). Mia sat down with Monty Dimond from Show + Tell and talked about her beginnings in mags.

Mia reveals how she was prompted by Lisa Wilkinson to prove she wasn’t a princess  and why she is glad that she wasn’t offered the Cleo editorship at a young age.

They also discuss the influence that Lisa Wilkinson had on Mia’s career. Mia said she would have been happy to just breathe the same air as Lisa, let alone end up working for her.

“I was a young girl reading Dolly. My favourite thing in it? Forget the models, I wanted to be Lisa Wilkinson.”

To watch Mia and Monty talk about Mia’s journey from intern to editor, watch the video below.