7 seconds. That's all it takes to create the perfect ponytail.


Sometimes, something turns up on the Internet that is just so, so, so great, you have no words to describe it.

You literally have no words.

In my circumstance, this is a shame. Because I am currently trying to create a string of words with which to introduce an Internet gem that fits this bill. Boy, does it fit this bill. And yet, I appear to have lost all of my words.

Eccentric. Awesome. Inspiring?

I’m going to stop trying. Just watch this:

Told you it was good.

Unfortunately, further details about the father-daughter duo’s escapades are nowhere to be found. If they can manage to find such an awesome way to tie a ponytail, can you imagine the zest and innovation they might bring to other domestic chores? Do they do the dishes with a pressure cleaner? These are the questions that are going to keep me up tonight.

Beyond just having some cute daddy-daughter time, these guys are revolutionaries.

7 seconds. That was how long that dad took to tie his daughter’s hair. Could you imagine how much more stuff women of the world could have gotten done if they’d known how to put their hair up in a ponytail in just 7 seconds?

I reckon Marie Curie could have found 3 more elements if she’d not had to grapple with a hair tie for at least two wasteful minutes each morning. Pierre could have just fired up the vacuum, and she would have been out of the bathroom and into the lab in no time.

I’m so impressed; I’m going to try it tomorrow. I’ll just need to remember to detach the flat suction head from the vacuum first. The process is perhaps slightly less dazzling if you end up with a Mohawk at the end…

Meanwhile, in other awesome dad moments….

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