5 y/o boy sends message of support to 7 y/o waiting for organ transplant. And breaks the Internet with his cuteness.

Two years ago, Gold Coast boy Jack Scoble was rushed to hospital, suffering from unexplained heart and kidney failure. He was in an induced coma for several weeks, and then endured 13 hours of dialysis every day for a year until he received a kidney donation.

Earlier this week, Jack Scoble, now 5, and his parents found a Facebook appeal page seeking a kidney donor for English boy Matthew Pietrzyk, 7, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder.

Jack wanted to offer some words of support to Matthew, so the Scobles filmed his short message and posted it on the Facebook page. In the video, Jack urges Matthew to “hang in there, buddy” and shares his own story of waiting for a kidney donor.

Take a look:

NB: You might want to have some tissues within easy reaching distance.

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