The story behind the bloke using online ads to do his washing.


Read an ominous looking post on my Timeline.

“This guy was supposed to buy our washer dryer machine for $150. He wanted to see it working first, and asked if he could do a load of laundry. After he finished, he said “let me go get the money”, got in his car, and drove away with his clean clothes.

If anyone knows this guy please give me his details.”

Image: Facebook.

Hilarious right? The Free-Loader. The Detergent Demon. The Sinister Spinster.

On the loose. Terrorising our tubs.

When it comes to Gumtree dealings this story really isn't that far out of the realm of possibilities.

But I, resident gullible, fell for this tale, so you don't have to.

As it turns out it is all an elaborate ruse to humiliate one's friend by posting a picture of their face along with the message. This gag is popular in the UK at the moment but is starting to go ~~~viral~~~ in Australia as well.

Images: Facebook.

Really, if you dig a little deeper, the logistics of such a feat are rather baffling.

How long did the cycle last? Did he have a cup of tea while he waited? Did the seller find it strange that the "buyer" was carrying his dirty clothes around with him?

But the most disappointing part of this story is that for one beautiful moment I thought I might be able to score a washer/dryer for $150.

Because that price is a straight-up steal.

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What social media stories have you fallen for?