CULT BUY: The everyday handbag you can chuck in the washing machine.

The contents of a handbag reveals a lot about a person. The condition of it inside and out reveals even more.

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering a stain or mark on your bag or putting your hand inside to pull it out covered in some sort of unidentifiable liquid.

The thought of emptying all those receipts, ballpoint pens and odd socks out and then trying to wipe off said food stain/mark/child’s drawing/leaked substance with three different cleaning products without ruining the material is enough to make you want to put in a dark corner of your house and just start over again.

With the latest handbag trend, there’s no need. Enter the machine washable handbag (erm, excuse me – why haven’t we all been using this sooner?)

Favoured by celebrities like Sylvia Jeffreys, the latest designs are not only practical and toddler-friendly, they’re also seriously stylish.

Bags you can put in the washing machine ✅ #livelikemarypoppins

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The one everyone seems to be carrying around at the moment is the Escape Bag from Aussie label State of Escape.

Made from neoprene supported by sailing rope, the carry-all bag is lightweight, strong and easy on the eyes. Even better, it’s entirely designed and made in Australia.

Forget your designer leather handbag, this is the practical all-day, everyday bag you’ve been looking for.

Starting at $299, the design is available in 18 different colours and designs, from electric blue to white to charcoal to black.


Jeffreys’ dual tone ochre and khaki number comes from a limited edition collaboration between the brand and One&Only Emirates Wolgan Valley, $329.

If that’s a bit out of your budget or you fancy something a bit more statement-making, fellow Australian brand Chuchka stock washable neoprene totes with special pockets for your phone and wallet in a range of colourful designs for $109.


You can even get them monogrammed.

Perfect for work, play, errands AND travel, fans say it’s a bag Mary Poppins would definitely approve of.

“I have a ‘marble effect’ one can pack the kitchen sink!,” one commenter wrote on Jeffreys’ post.

However it does come with one warning:

“Like Pringles, once you have one you can’t stop!” added another.

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